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arms, hands, feet and toe tingling, eyesight blurry
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axxie - April 25

It's tingling so bad, problems with typing, ears are ringing loud, I'm feeling pain in my legs. My eyesight is going.

After resting for a better part of the day, limiting what I eat, taking care of drinking my mixe berry shake with orange juice and water that I actually thought that I'd start feeling better. NO
I ain't feeling better, actually yesterday and today have been one of my worst few days in awhile. I am trying to rack my brain in trying to find what it is that make me have these fibro flares and I cannot pinpoint what it is.

Since I have already taken my symbalta this morning and I taking a few tylenols to help with the pain, I thought I'd be ok, not so.

I'm to see the doctor again, but she doesn't want to prescribe anything else. She is so set against it that, she will do everything to not write a prescription for me unless I specifically say to her it's for cymbelta. She thinks that should take care of all my symptoms.

I am still trying to get an appointment to a rheumy and they have not called yet, it's been months. As for seeing the neuro, she's so busy that it would probably be next year before I see her.

I just feel like going to the hospital and complain that someone had better give me something before I scream out in pain. It hurts, so bad, that I'm ready to pass in front of the train, maybe that would hurt less.....

Can't think, can't read and can't type, and now my lower jaw is tingling. Guess it's a bad flare up that I have.....


JOEGIRL - April 26

Axxie, I am so sorry you are in such pain. I don't understand why your dr. wont at least give you something for pain. I am in pain care and I couldn't move without my pain meds. I hate taking it but I can't take the pain either. I was crying I was hurting so bad and thats when my rummy dr referred me to paincare. Goodluck and I hope you get some relief soon.When a flare up hits its just awful so I know how you feel.
Also I can relate to eyesight going. Thats another thing I have to deal with also.



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