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Armpit Breast nerve pain
10 Replies
Beone - January 16

Dose any one else get Armpit to breast nerve like pain, it makes me feel sick and Dizzy,
The nerve fires off and i get anxious, and feel real strange, Also i get the pain into the pectoral breast area, I don't like it at all, any comments would be helpful,


Cinderella - January 16

I get this all the time. It used to send me into all kind of panic attacks that I was having a heart attack. lol But its nothing like that. I have found that cerain things will trigger it off. Like stress, immobility, and caffeine. But its the muscles from your back that are tightening the muscle attachments under your arm and that pinches the nerve and sends it around to the front. I know it sounds techy but its life with Fibro.

However if what your feeling is really making you nervous. Please have it checked out by your Doctor or the ER to make sure its nothing more than muscles. I had the pain so bad one night that I went to the ER and they checked my heart all out and they even took an x-ray. They then started pushing under my arm and found the attachments so tight that they packed me in heated blankets to try and relax them. But make sure you tell your Dr about the pain.


Tracieg - January 19

Glad that I decided to check on what's going on in the fibro world. I've gotten that for a couple years now, when really stressed and never knew what it was.


moosiejean1217 - July 15

I also get it all of the time..glad to hear that it is not just me :)


Sonja44 - January 29

I'm in a flare currently...Left armpit. I also get severe nerve pain behind one ear or the other. It feels like a cattle prod touching raw nerves. It's so intense my whole body convulses with the pain. Doc prescribed Pretazone...nasty drug but it works.

Anyone have any home care/remedies for this kind of pain? I've tried Aspercreme, and other pain relieving no avail.



Beone - January 29

Hi Sonja44,
Ive also had a Flare up lately and having pain in the left pectoral and arm shoulder blade and shoulder, also a neck pain at times right side like inside nerve pain. I use small Magnets, just put on tender spot, and also some times different crystals work, tourmaline works and rose quartz, i try all sorts and it helps me to focus on healing rather than the pain. they don't always work but it is something worth trying. hope this helps.
Love Beone,


Sonja44 - February 3

I would love to soak in a vat of really warm Aspercreme.


Sonja44 - February 8

So it turns out I have an infection in my lymph nodes in my left arm pit. I'm on mega antibiotics...chilling...swe
I'm freakishly tired...slept most of the day yesterday. Gads this sucks...and extremely painful.


January - February 16

Sonja - did he give you Prednisone?? (You said "Pretazone.") If he gave you Prednisone, that is a drug that suppresses your immune system - nobody with an infection should get Prednisone, unless there's a very good reason. And the infection should be treated first or along with it.

I'm sorry you got so sick, and really hope you are doing better now. Do you know what caused the infection in your lymph nodes? Often that means infection somewhere else in the body. Hope you are getting good medical care. If you are still feeling bad, you might consider getting another doctor - at least for a second opinion.


Sonja44 - February 16

Sorry, I wasn't clear (brain fog). The Prednisone was for the nerve pain behind my ear which happened a while back. My doc prescribed mega antibiotics for the lymph node infection. I'm feeling better.

I've also been doing the Lebed Method: Focus on Healing Lymphatic Opening Sequence. It is a set of lite exercises developed by two physicians and an exercise physiologist. It was originally designed for women recovering from breast cancer to better facilitate lymphatic drainage. But, they realized that these exercises helped with healing in general. I learned these exercises 8 years ago when they taught it for they sell DVD's.

Thanks for your concern. Gentle hugs.


January - February 21

Hi Sonja - really glad to hear you are doing better, and hope you've managed to completely heal the infection by now.

And thanks for posting the information about the Lebed Method. I had not heard of that - maybe it will help someone who sees it posted here!

Hugs back, take good care of yourself! : )



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