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ARGGGGGGGG, I'm in a bad mood
12 Replies
axxie - January 26

OK, I have enough, get me off the merry-goround. I hate what they did to this site. Really does fat lips and teeth as big has the model have get any whiter. Or better what about your other advertising like how to get a flat belly. We don't care we have fibro, we will never care about a flat belly, do you know why, because we care much more about trying to live one day at a time. I am tired of being tired and I'm tired of hurting. Want to advertise, why don't reach out to the pharmaceutical side of things, maybe they'll want you to pay your site to carry their logo or something. You are all feaking us out with the stupid advertising you have. Find nicer ones.

Sorry, to my friend on this site, but I'm achy and in a very bad mood. I fighting with everyone and I've done nothing except veg on the couch all week-end because of a bad back. My husband left on a trip with his buddy going skidooing and my daughter has done nada in the house and had no school because of exam. I'm tired of picking up after everyone.......I get to work three days a week and I get to put gaz in my care that my daughter used up, and when I asked her to pay some money towards the gaz she told me, there was still gaz in the car, what a response. She drove it all week-end and I get to stop at the gaz station on my way to work on a monday morning when it's raining like cat and dog. I hate it, I hate it. OK, I'm in a pissy mood.

What your beef today!!!!


Noca - January 26

I got "click to see the newly inspired leather interior" as if to insult me that I had to give away my Audi and drive a piece of shit everyday instead lol.

Yeah ads are stupid, I wouldn't let them get to you as there's more important things in life like surviving another day of pain.

I've hadn't had the energy nor will power to fill up the gas in my car since i got it. I'll just run on fumes for now.


Fantod - January 26

Hi Axxie - Sorry to hear that you are feeling so aggravated.

Back in the day when I drove my parents cars the rule was it had to be returned with the same amount of gas in it when I took over the wheel. If it did not come back to them that way than my driving priveleges were suspended. Just something to think about.

I hate the ads too. I just get started on a train of thought and get some idiotic thingee flashing or blocking what I was working on writing. I have a hard enough time formulating a decent though due to sleep deprivation without being interrupted in the middle of it.

My beef today is getting forms in the mail that are 2 sided, twenty pages long which only a Harvard law grad could decipher and only by holding the pages up to a mirrot. Wait until the start of the business day tomorrow. If you see a large black cloud in the distance that will be me blwoing my stack on the telephone.... Cheers!


axxie - January 26

OK, you girls are making me laugh. Blowing your stack on the phone is a good one, and for you Noca I feel for you, driving a piece of shit, is not nice when you be driving a nice Audi.

I on other hand, was driving a nice car, until my daughter got a hand on it, two accidents later and money galore, I am now driving a piece of shit yes a ford piece of junk.

My daughter doesn't know what it means to put gaz in the car, because my husband can't reprimand her even it would cost him money. So she plays the gravy bowl, except I don't buy into it, but he does.

I'm telling you, this little girl, can't save a penny even if she tried, it would burn awhole in her mind. She's suppose to be going to Univeristy this year, and she has no money to even buy herself a laptop for 1,000.00. When she stays home she can't even pick up her plates from the counter to put in the dishwasher. As for her replacing the gaz in my car, that will never happened because her dad can't put two sentence together to reprimand her. She's the queen and we are the servant and he pays everything, then tells me I have to stop spending money because there's none. I keep showing him the bills and where he's spent the money, somehow he's clueless.

I think my husband and daughter gave me fibro, there both demanding, but I put up with a good fight. So they don't walk over me. I can yell just as loud as my daughter. As for hubby, well he's has dump as a male cat. I should know I have both.

Ah, another day, right now I'm enjoying my evening, it's quiet, and I'm happy. Tomorrow is my day off, I might do a little bit of window shopping. Just to get out of the house. Anything to keep me sane.....

You girls are the best. Thank you


ptalana - January 26

What's ticking me off today......
I was on the Rate MD's forum yesterday and this person was spewing off about us CFS and FMS sufferers. This person is supposed to be a doctor, one never knows on the internet do we??? I had to log off I was shaking so bad!!!! I don't get how the mere mention of FMS brings out such ugliness in people. The rhetoric this person was spewing was filled with such animosity and hatred it just made me sick. And I do mean sick I was nauseous for the rest of the evening.

I have to learn how to disregard such arrogance and ignorance, but dang it's hard. Wow I'm getting all worked up again, argh!!!!! O.k deep breaths, find my happy place:)

Can I go window shopping with you Axxie?

Hope everyone has a good day, now that we've got this off our chests. Hugs to all, Patty


solanadelfina - January 26

Ptalana, if I could borrow a quote from Louis L'amour concerning this doctor and his/her spew- "An empty wagon rattles the loudest."

As for my venting, I've been getting my tramadol filled by a Fibro center that I went to once a long time ago. (A hundred and forty bucks to say 'keep doing what you're doing',) and this time they haven't refilled it yet, so I've been rationing it to one a day, with my last this morning. (Yesterday was snowy and three hours of pure agony at work.)

Still, today I called my local clinic and begged a nurse to ask one of my docs to please, please, please refill it and took the day off in case I need to go in, so hopefully I'll have it refilled by tonight. There's also much less pain on a day off so it should be okay until then. And yeah, I'll be transferring that prescription into the hands of my new guardian angel doc ASAP.


belle1329 - January 26



iliveinpain - January 26

oh belle, work can be sooooo much fun!!! What did she do to you? Share? :)


FibroGal - January 27

January sucks. Plain and simple.


Rosscow - January 27

My beef today is:
I'm a tradesman. Work through this fibro pain. I limp a bit on my right hip, look tired most of the time and I caught a administative knob talking to a couple other workers and he did the tip the drink back motion with his hand when he looked at me. I wanted to grab him by his arrogant head and knee him in the face a few times. Working with this disease is the hardest thing anyone can do. Fibro people are the toughest around. I confronted him when I caught him alone asked him what the #### was that! He got the message. I'm a fit male 185lbs with chonic pain and told him I could still take his dounut eating ass to the cleaners.

by the way your beefs were very funny.:)


axxie - January 28

Rosscow, you gave me back my day, you go kid, and don't let them push you around, you know what next time, just sieze him up, that usually scares the pussies into submission.

You can always have a good laugh about it afterwards. I'll stick to your corner anytime, you've got spirit. You go......


iliveinpain - January 28

I'm at work, again, I feel like I LIVE here!!! Anyway, I feel today like I HATE everyone. It's hard to be in a good mood when everytime you move your head, it kills your neck and all down your back, feel a headache threatening to come on, popping pain pills with no relief and listening to all the mindless chatter going on around me!! OMG, one of the guys here who understands me said to let him know if I'm planning on going postal, so he can get out of here. haha that made me laugh, and I would never do it, but hmmmm........ I can dream can't I????


axxie - January 29

Heck did they listen about me bitching about their fat ass advertising. They actually has recudeced them a bit. It looks better, thank you people. Now, lets try to keep it that way.....



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