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Are your eyes super sensitive to bright lights?
14 Replies
iliveinpain - December 2

I got a new widescreen monitor at work and I have to have a black background and make the windows as tiny as possible and still be able to work. I have the brightness turned down too, but just the size of it (19") is too bright. I also have trouble at home watching tv, everyone always is telling me the picture is too dark, but that's how I'm comfortable watching it. Just wondering if this is common or just me.


Fantod - December 2

Your problem is called "photophobia." Some days I am sensitive to light and keep the shades closed at home. My family thinks I am part bat as I frequently operate in what they consider not enough light. You might try getting a glare screen for your monitor at work. They can be very helpful in cutting down on discomfort. Take care.


iliveinpain - December 3

Thank you very much for replying Fantod. I can always count on your good advice :)


axxie - December 3

Yep, got the same problem, I operate better where the light is at it's lowest. The glares that really bothers me. I always carry my sunglasses with me.

Just invest in a great pair of shades, and carry them with you, it's not fashion it's a life saver for us suffering with fibro.

Just another perk.....


solanadelfina - December 3

Oh, yes. I have this problem while driving. Sometimes I'll have to put both my lights and sunglasses on in one drive. The regular ones weren't cutting it- my dad had ones left over from his Lasik surgery that were finally strong enough.


bmcgovern - December 3

I am sensitive to light to but mostly the sunlight. Sunglasses come in very handy. I like my room cause we are in the basement and it is very dark down here its nice. Sometimes when i am driving and the sun just glares in my eyes it gives me a headache. Does anyone else get headaches from it?


Canada17 - December 3

I have this problem too and if left to "suffer" with it, I will develop a headache. Having a headache to begin with also makes me more sensitive.

I often have to put my visor down at night to block the street lights, they also create a glare, or halo, that makes it hard for me to focus properly. I can see, I just sometimes have trouble determining exactly how far I am from really throws off my depth perception. The rain also makes this problem even worse.

I am "sun-blind", especially in the winter!!! Even on cloudy days in the winter I have a hard time with the amount of light being reflected off the snow. I often drive with my sunglasses on when it's cloudy out, especially when I have a headache or am tired (both exacerbate the problem).

I always thought I just had sensitive eyes but now I know it's a Fibro "perk".

I agree with iliveinpain, Fantod does always give excellent advice, as does axxie. : )


bootsy - December 18

i have to give up driving at night my eyes are so sensitive anyone have this problem . was diagnosed in 1995 and had to go on disability, i have attacks and than might be allright for few months. it is a ongoing thing. boosty


bootsy - December 18

also i forgot to mention my doctor does not believe in fibro. so it makes it hard to really converse on the subject with him. bootsy


Canada17 - December 18

bootsy - Fibro is real, if your doctor doesn't "believe" in it, you need to find a new doctor who does. Personally I would rather have no doctor than one who thinks what I am suffering with isn't real.

I too am very sensitive to bright lights. Sometimes I even have to wear sunglasses on cloudy days! I often put my visor down at night to help block out the street lights. On-coming headlights are brutal and I can't stand people who drive with their high beams on unknowingly especially when they are behind me.

My eyes are getting worse with this. I am finding it increasingly more challenging to see properly at night. I see a halo/fog around lights which makes it hard to focus on anything near the light. I am worried that this will progress to a point where I am unable to drive at night anymore. Which is difficult as it gets dark at 4:30 during the winter and I work until 5:00.

In addition, I also find that it is difficult for me to see in dim light so at dawn and dusk.


belle1329 - December 18

I have that problem driving at night and when I go in some stores, I cant see things. I have to really look at something close to have my eyes adjust.


jahennick - January 12

I am 44, and I have had fibro for about 25 yrs. I have always been sensitive to light. I remember my mom waking me up for my first day of kindergarten by lifting the window shade and I was like 'What is going on? Why is it so bright in here?' Also-instant headache. I wore contacts for about 2 years in my early 20's, which really bothered me. It felt like I had put glue into my eyes. During and after the contact wearing, I became even more sensitive to light. I always have it dark in the house. My mom used to call my bedroom 'The Black Room of Doom'. But it was soooo nice-dark,cool,and quiet. My roomate now will come home and there will be 1 dim light on, and she will turn on the big lights and it is literally painful! I want to go and change all of the lightbulbs to 25 and 40 watts. I Wear My Sunglasses At Night!


belle1329 - January 13

I am too especially in stores, I cant seem to see in certain lighting!


Noca - January 14

My right eye is sensitive to light but my left eye is not. I have to refrain from prolonged sun exposure since I am on Zyprexa.


stephanyb11 - January 14

i am extremely sensitive to bright light!!! not only lights but sounds also about put me through the roof!!! like my husband likes the radio loud in the car, it almost sends me into a panic attack very odd i know but i cant handle it!!! or if we are in a crowded place and everyone is visiting it throughs me all array!!!



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