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Are you ever moody?
11 Replies
Arista - March 1


Does any one of you ever get very moody? Before I was diagonosed, I was beginning to wonder if I was bipolar. This is because, I became so cranky from the pain that I easily forget simple things and find simple questions sometimes overwhelming. If anyone can relate to this please share. It helps to know you're not alone.



axxie - March 1

Hi Arista

Welcome to the world of FMS, I think you and I and many others have the same feeling, no knowing exactly what was going.
I sometime wonder what happened to my intelligence, I seem to be lacking it. As for the moods, I have on occasion have had problems containing my anger. It's mostly about stupid things and for me it seems to be a challenge and I get upset.
I have no patience for life little challenges. My daughter who is 16 knows how I can be, and will help me in stirring me away from potential scenes. My husband talks to me and makes me listen, he has me thinking, instead of acting out in anger.
I wish I was the person I was prior to having this illness. But I have accepted in part that I am different now and that I must do the best with what I have and try to be more calm.
I will talking to my doctor next week when I go see her for my twice monthly monitoring and will discuss with her the moods. My meds may need adjustment.


myself - March 2

My first time and I mean VERY FIRST TIME at being moody was this week during my cycle. I have never had PMS or any other mood changes, always the same bubbly me all the time. But this time I was correctly everyone's english and grammar, I was nitpicking at everything i could because everything bugged me.

They say that progesterone hormone is a big part of Fibro and many are short on it and that can cause mood changes and horrible cycles in the women.

You might want to get hormones stest and make sure they check it good. You can be low and they say it is within the normal range, yet your body needs more.


axxie - March 2

I never even thought of getting my hormones checked, I only get estrogen, as I had cancer of the ovaries many years ago.
There is a Chem Pharmacy that for a fee will do your body make up and tell you what you need, I will be going to them soon to get it done, hopefully, with the proper nutrition, hormones, and vitamin, etc. I might have a better outlook at many things, including MFS.


Arista - March 2

Hi axxie,

Thanks for your reply. I too sometimes wonder what's happened to my intelligence. This is part of my frustration. I'm sure it's probably both my depression and fibromyalgia coupled with pain leading to frightening memory loss.


tnichel - March 4

All the time. lol. I have trouble with my temper, especially when driving and want nothing more than to get off the road. I had very little patience for things going wrong before I was diagnosed. And I thought I was bipolar too. I would ask my friends, "do you know when it's going to be a bady day? I know as soon as I get out of bed." Yeah, they looked at me like I was crazy. But it felt like a light went off in my head. I'm better now except for when I'm in a flair or didn't get enough sleep. And even though I was alwas very outgoing and sociable now... I really don't like being around people in general. I chalk this up to the smells, louds sounds and general chaos when in a large crowd. I almost had to leave a basketball b/c the noise was so overwhelming.


nenaya - March 5

Hi... I ask myself a similar question, only mine goes, "Am I ever NOT moody?" This is partly because I am thoroughly fed up -- infuriated, actually -- with the medical community's unwillingness to face the fact that there is a LYME DISEASE EPIDEMIC -- and these people we should be able to trust, our doctors -- seem to be the last to learn this.

Between horrible pain, forgetfulness, and all the other things you're experiencing, I would make an educated guess that you have Lyme and coinfections -- I have experienced every one of these symptoms, and I finally did get diagnosed with Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, and some others. Bartonella, babesia, and Lyme (they tend to occur together) all are known for causing emotional volatility across the map -- Anger, despair, anxiety, depression -- once you start reading more about the true status of Lyme, you are likely to get EVEN MOODIER, because the situation is a travesty.

Check out the "Under Our Skin" Lyme documentary trailer -- just Google it.

Also check out ILADS guidelines. There is info you can bring to your doctor.

We all need to put the pressure on our doctors to either GET UP TO SPEED WITH THIS MAJOR EPIDEMIC, or get out of the way. People's lives are being ruined by lack of accurate diagnosis and treatment... case in point, I'm out $125,000 from the sale of my house, because of -- you guessed it -- misdiagnosed LYME. And now that I've been treating, yes, all these symptoms have improved or are gone.

Please pass this on. I would bet nearly every person posting here has undiagnosed Lyme/etc. (It's a complex of coinfections, not "just Lyme."

Good luck to you. On to keep posting furiously until I get kicked off this board.


JOEGIRL - March 8

Yes , I get moody sometimes. My hubby says he never knows what kind of mood I will be in..I think he thinks I am losing it. Sometimes I wonder if I am myself. He says I have changed since I came down with this.I can tell it myself. I get depressed sometimes and I have never been one to get the blues until now. I can handle it most of the time unless I am having a bad flare. If I am having one I don't want to look at anyone. Just leave me alone in my misery.
ONE other thing I have noticed more is I can't stand loud noise. Does noise bother any of you? I get grouchy with my grandchildren sometimes when they get loud and rowdy then I feel so bad later . That makes me really sad because they are my babies.


sulydi - March 8

Hi Joegirl,
Loud noise drives me up the wall. My husband talks loudly and I am always asking him to lower his voice. Loud noises actually make me jumpy, like T.V. commercials. I thought it was just me.


VeryTiredPanda - March 10

I agree that it helps to know that you are not alone with the "wonderful" things that FMS brings along. I too am finding that I not only find that I am having a great deal of being short with my loved ones when I am in pain, which lately has been a lot, but also very upset because I can't seem to get throughto those I love what I am going through. I find that I am always on the edge of tears at the drop of a hat and wear my emotions on my sleeve. Needless to say I can't help but wonder what is going on with me and where I am going to fit in from one second to the next.


belle1329 - March 10

I too was becoming very moody, crying at the drop of a hat and becoming upset with every little thing and then Asking out loud what is the point of life. Thoughts of suicide, I went off my sleeping pill those thoughts have disappeard, still very moody but not like that! That was scary!!!


belle1329 - March 10

I easily forget things too :-(



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