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Are we dwindling?
8 Replies
barbar - November 14

Is it just me or is the activity in the forum dwindling? I've noticed increasingly fewer messages and especially communications between us. Are we becoming inactive on the forum? Does the forum leave us wanting in some way? Are we moving away to other sources of support? What's up?


Wanda - November 14

barbar, I've just found this site last week. Have answered some questions. I had one about "throat tightness". My throat tightens up (muscles) and hurts when I talk for just a few minutes or sign. Was wondering if others were having the same problem. Just got 1 response.

Hope this continues. It's good to have a place so you are not alone. Do you know of other sites?


BrandyO - November 14

I have to apologize for not writing lately. I got knocked out flat a few weeks ago with a bad bout of vertigo that I am still feeling the effects of. But I've been trying to keep up with reading the post as much as I can. About your question....maybe others are going through a rough time too. I am a one finger typer so when I am not feeling very good it is hard to make the effort especially when my world is spinning. Maybe people are using up the energy that they have getting ready for the holidays. Or the weather change might be causing some people problems. Any number of things could be happening. Hopefully things will start to pick up again. So if I don't get to reply, please understand that I do miss you all and wish everyone the best. Soft hugs! Brandy


Jeanie - November 14

You should remember since you have fibro that we can get kicked on our a..... for a week or more. I especially like this kind of support.


Virg - November 15

Hi barbar, Like I mentioned before its been a little under the weather here getting off of effexior, what with sweating and chilling, trying not to be too snippy and bone tired I haven't forgotten this forum. I have checked out the others to get info the the effexior thing but do feel this site is really real. Changing my schedule has slowed me up some. I'm sure that the best source of support is here. Maybe whats wanting is not a chat room situtation but a section for typed chatter, we all have some antidotes or things happen to us a result of having fibromyalgia that might clutter the general discussion where we really need to ask a question about something. Now see here I'm babbling ,
lol virg.


TERESA - November 15

Barbara, I have noticed that things have slowed down, but I have been reading posts everyday. Sometimes I feel like Virg, because I also hunt & peck! I don't respond to to posts unless I have something relevant to say! I do miss everyone here & I have noticed there are a lot of new people here. WELCOME EVERONE!! With the holiday's coming up I except we will start posting more!!


TERESA - November 15

P.S. So sorry the here about your terrible accident Brandy!!


TERESA - November 19

You see Barbara, I agree!!! I wrote these threads 3 days ago!!


larry - November 19

Can you imagin what would happen if this forum dwindled anymore? The pharmaectucial companies would quit advertising here and this site wouldn't be such a money maker....hummmm



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