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Are very very short seizures a symptom?
3 Replies
steve27dallas - October 18

I have not been diagnosed yet, but I have several other symptoms such as the pain in the ribs, muscle twitches, jerking awake with legs, etc. Recently I have been getting very short seizures but only about a couple times a month. They never last longer then a second, but it feels longer in my head. It's as if i go into a trance and them come out of it. I usually gasp for air, bc its like my body has been frozen. But other then a rapid pulse afterwards there are no lingering effects. Is this a symptom of fibro' or could this be something far worse?


islandguy - October 18

When I was first being diagnosed for fibro I discussed seizures with my doctor and rhemy. They informed me that siezures were not a symptom with fibro. I think that if I was experiencing your symptoms that put me into a trance I would be rushing to a doctor to figure it out. Sounds like you need to address the issue as soon as possible. Sometimes sooner is better. Best of luck and let us know how it comes out.


lisa1 - October 19

I am not sure what you mean by seizures but I do have times when I feel like my head is so full it is going to explode and get very dizzy. It happens when I get up from sitting or sometimes just from walking. I do get the rapid pulse as well. My pain doc said that there is a relation to blood pressure and standing and sitting. Please check with your PC. I agree with islandguy, you should address this issue asap. Good luck.


Robin1237 - October 20

Steve, this is Lyme disease. I am an ex-fibro person, meaning I thought I had fibro for 25 years. I found out last year my fibro is Lyme, a bacterial infection that messes with our nerves and soft tissues. All the symptoms you mention are Lyme symptoms. You need to go to and study there about it. Re the seizures, there is a Dr Raphael Stricker in San Francisco who is successfully treating Lyme patients with seizures with IM bicillin shots. Ask the folks on lymenet to refer you to a Lyme-literate medical doctor in your area.



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