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Are these symptoms of fibromyalgia?
5 Replies
zchivago16 - November 28

Hello, I'm 16 years old and I have a mother who has fibromyalgia, who thinks I have it as well.
I have had chronic back spasms for about 4 years (this was my first symptom). I now suffer from chronic headaches, I am extremely lethargic, my skin is very sensitive- more so after a shower, I also tend to get my back spasms after showers, and it hurts to even run my hands under the water. With my headaches sometimes after they are over I am left completely drained of energy. This also happens with my spasms, I am left on the floor recovering from them and left with a soreness. I also have TMJ; I have these weird stomach pains centered in my abdomen, it's a sort of stabbing pain. I wake up in the mornings with a stiffness in my back and neck which leads to severe soreness in the after noon. What happened tonight though is what caused my search and lead me to this site. All of a sudden I just got shot with this sharp, stabbing on my right side which was directly below my rib cage. It would stab then shoot down my leg and my arm, stop and then repeat the stabbing and then it would shoot down my leg and arm leaving them numb after the pain left altogether. Are any of these symptoms of fibromyalgia? Please help me, and perhaps give me some advice to say that I am not crazy as the doctors think. Thank you.


AmberRose - November 28

I think the important factor of your symtoms is when you say you are drained of energy....are you fatigued or just tired from the pain? Pian can make you tired and have no energy but fatigue is more like...well its alot harder to describe if you are not fatigued.......
fatigue is a lack of energy and motivation...defintition i got from google . I I wouldnt want to suggest anything besides fibromyalgia but you need to decipher whether or not its fatigue! Then maybe you can go from there.....


barbar - November 28

I agree with AmberRose but only a doctor can really tell what's going on. For example, stomach pains have been known to be associated with fibro. I used to get such pains I couldn't do anything but lie die and hold my guts in. But it was not fibro. You need to have a professional check for the wide range of things it could be first before settling in on a fibro diagnosis. It might be something curable. Do take care.


CarrieLee - November 28

hi zchivago16, I am so sorry sweetie that you are going through all this at your tender age. If your mom has fibro have you talked to her about how you are feeling? Maybe ask to see a doctor to check you out and see if you do indeed have fibro. Take care & let us know how you are.


CarrieLee - December 13



barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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