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are these pop up ads driving anyone else here crazy
12 Replies
iliveinpain - March 5

Just wondering? I can't even read posts anymore without them popping up right in the middle of what I'm reading?? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!


tnichel - March 5



Lee2010 - March 5

I have not had a single pop-up add on this site. I wonder why???


Noca - March 6

Is it just this site? If not you most likely have spyware/adware programs on your computer. They get installed by visiting most every site. They slow down the computer and some cause pop up ads. To stop them, go to and download/use the programs "adaware" by lavasoft and "spybot search and destroy".

If you get pop ups ads only on this site, try either upgrading your browser to the latest version .If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer then go to and download it free, or try another broswer like firefox from They both have pop up blockers. With firefox, you can even download "ad-blocker" add-on and 95% of all ads on the internet will be gone for good.

Hope that helps.


Canada17 - March 6

I don't think it is the website; it sounds as though your computer may have contracted some spyware/malicious software. Run a virus check, if you don't already have a programme google adaware and download the programme. It will remove the spyware and hopefully get rid of the annoying pop ups.

You should also consider getting a pop up blocker as well. And in the future here are a couple tricks to help avoid infection:
1 if you have a grey box pop up that looks like a legitimate windows error if you are not sure click the red X in the top right corner. Don't click ok or continue that will initiate the spyware.
2 if there is no X to close or it is just an ad you can right click on the window name in the tray along the bottom of the screen.

Hope it helps!


iliveinpain - March 6

ok, I figured out what I've been doing wrong. I tried to copy and paste an article to my friend, who luckily does not have fibro, trying to educate her I guess LOL and the stupid Bing sites keep popping up whenever you pass your mouse along anything that's underlined. Still really a pain in the butt, trying to read something and the dumb ad keeps blocking what you're reading. I'm on a mac, I don't think it's a virus, and I have pop up blockers in place. I guess it's just the way the site is set up, but I think it's really frustrating!!! Wish they would do something about that, oh well


Canada17 - March 8

Unfortunately it is not the website, it sounds like the cause is the way your Browser is configured. See if you can disable the function that provides the additional information windows.


belle1329 - March 8

yes,they drive me crazy!Its when your curser hits a certain word when reading, etc.


belle1329 - March 8

Im at work and I know I have alot of protectin on my computer so I thnk its this site.


Canada17 - March 8

Hmm I have protection on both my work and home PCs but nothing excessive. I use Firefox now but used to use Internet Explorer. I've never had a problem with pop ups on this site and the only time I get information from an underlined word or group of words is if I click on it. It's not the site.


ptalana - March 9

I don't have the pop up problem either, like Canada mentioned it's only if I click on the underlined word.


belle1329 - April 28

I just have to run the curser over it and it pops up never click, I do this sometimes when reading like u would with your finger and woops there it is.


belle1329 - April 28

yes iliveinpain that is why, I do this when reading, like I would with my finger, only because, I cant keep trackof the line I am on :)



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