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are there any men out there who have fibromyalgia and fibro fog. it seems to be mainly women responding to my posts.????
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ralph - December 29

Are there any men who suffer from fibromyalgia. i used to think the stiffness was the worst part of this condition. i have recently been hit with fibro fog (I THINK). i feel disconnected from reality, like i am in a dream or something. it is scary. i know it sounds unmanly to admit this but it is true. if there are men out there what do your symptoms seem like so i can compare to mine.


COCO - December 28

i know of a nice man who has fibro and is quiet well read up on this... he is a member if a support group on msn i am on...
if you would like to join this group and speak with him it is you could join our nice group and post this question there.... he will answer you i am sure.. he is also a member of a support group for men.....on msn.. not sure of the name.....but i could find that out too. coco


Al - December 28

I am a male, age 52, I have had fibro for about 12 yrs. From what I have read Fibro affects more females. There is also a school of thought that men are less likely to address CFS/Fibro symptoms with their MD for the reason that you stated, it is "unmanly", Also many MD's are not well informed or convinced that we suffer from a real disease. Find an MD that is well informed about CFS/Fibro, that has other male patients and beleives that you suffer from a real disease. The fog is something we all experience. In my case drugs have not worked. Rest and LIGHT exercise, i.e. short walks a couple times a day will help. Rest is very important. Also try watching wha you eat & how it affects you, keep a written log because the fog affects memory. Good Luck.


Jean - December 29

Hello again: I just want to say hang in there Ralph, you have been given alot of very good answers to your problem and yes women are affected more often but men are to and it is scary to admit to a doctor as a man to feel out of touch and in a fog. You need to decide what to do. everyone is telling you what to do now it is time to take someones advice and get your answers that is what a man would do, take control. Good Luck Ralph, we know it's hard.


Mr. Wilde - December 29

First time reading up on this, but I may included in the small group of male members. I'm 20, but I can't say I know when it started, like maybe when I was 6 I started feeling the chronic pain in my head/face and only recently am I forgeting things easily, lack of energy, got a bad back, feeling of ebing disconnected to reality, the lightest touch feels like a punch, and so forth.
Dunno if this helps you, but yeah I'm here


Andrea - December 29

Sorry's probably the same kind of thing women get...I get the dreamy state thing's not always hormones you know. oh i'm female...just to add lol



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