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Are my migraines part of my FMS
7 Replies
Pennie - September 16

I have severe frequent migraines and constant head (nerve) pains (not CDH).
I never had a migraine until I turned 40 and the FMS hit around 5 years later.
I am so confused, and dont know how to get my life back. I am handling the FMS quite wel lnow, but the head pains are destroying my life. Thanks.


Dani - September 13

I have had FMS and migraines for over 24 years- Stress and hormones seem to be triggers for me. I recently went on beta-blockers for high blood pressure and that seems to have helped the headaches some. I also take amytriptline at bedtime with soma muscle relaxant.


Brandy - September 13

I have been lucky as far as migraines go. I think I have had maybe 3 in my life. But I am troubled with sinus headaches. Especially in extremes, like going from the heat outside into AC in the summer and going from the cold outside to the heated indoors during the winter. These headaches can be very painful. I also have bouts of trigeminal neuralgia pain in my face. That is extremely painful.


stephanie - September 14

Pennie.. my mom has fibro and as we speak is suffering a migraine.. She has horrible allergies and this along with stress seems to trigger.. try to eliminate and identify as many triggers as you can.. Good luck to you


Anne Hillebrand - September 14

Pennie. Try this simple trick. Get some 4-Way Brand Nasal Spray, or a house brand of the same thing, like Walgreen's Wal-Four.

These are 1% Phenylephrine - a decongestant.

When you feel the next headache coming on, spray some into each side of your sinuses.

Hold your nose and put a little air pressure on your sinuses.

[email protected]


Tom - September 16

I get awful migraines too. I find that getting a massage can really help with chronic headaches. there are some websites about myofascial pain & triigger points in the trapezius muscle that cause head pain. mine are worst when my stress levels are high. I am a police officer so you can imagine... my wife has MS & fibromyalgia. we have gotten a lot of good info & adivce out of the site. do any of you suffer from MS & fibro?


Brandy - September 16

Tom I have had fibro for over 30 years but have also been seeing an MS specialist for just over a year now. No MS diagnoses as of yet but I understand it can sometimes take years to be finally diagnosed. May I ask how long it took before your wife had an official diagnoses of MS? I'm curious.


barbar - December 18

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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