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Appointment for Diagnosis - Newbie
4 Replies
Myrrh - March 24

I am scheduled to visit my regular DR next week for an evaluation for fibro. My GYN suggested this was the underlying problem for my fatigue, aching muscles, etc....My symptoms sound like fibro. This has been going on for several years. I am curious on how the test will come out and what next. Today is particularly trying with symptoms including an aggravated spine. The whole thing feels tired and wants to rest. I have practiced yoga, meditation and healthy diet forever, I am still low in energy. Low in energy translates into low in love for me. I haven't the spirits to welcome others into my life as it is another drain. This makes me feel sad.

One of my key inabilities is dealing with the stress from work and moving around in a busy society. Also, we had a particularly cold snowy winter which seems to have aggravated my wellness. I wonder if a milder climate would help? I live in MASS. Spring warmth is at least one month away. Is it true things are mellow in Mid-Atlantic States? I mean people, attitudes and pace of life.


belle1329 - March 24

Does anyone else have arm pain accompanied with clicking in the elbow. My arm is hurting so bad and everytime I lift it , it causes more pain. Just wondering if it was another symptom Thanks


mkhardin - March 26



axxie - March 26

I don't know you do it, I mean working, if I have to work, they would fire me, for not showing up, and if I did get there on time, then they would fire me for my temper flying.

This winter the snowbank looked quite nice, to sleep on, especially after waking myself and driving myself to work. Talk about not knowing if the sun was out, it meant that it was nice out, yeah right, it gets very cold here and we got some good snow dumps. I'm so happy spring is coming, I keep telling me, any day, it will arrive, (still cold). Damn
My body hurts, sometime I creek when I walk, I feel like an old women about to take her next step in the hospice.
If someone asks' me how I am, I don't know how to respond, it's usually I'm fine, thanks, with a fake smile if I can get those lips going upwards, and I say thanks' and you. Then I get the hell out, because someone will complain about little Johny who threw up on his birthday, and I keep repeating to myself, gees if I could only have that problem in my life, it would be swell.

Yeah I know, what you mean about not getting warmer fast enough, so that you can get, rid of those bone and creakiness in your skeleton to go away, and hope that you will get to renew your energy. Yeah, up in Canada sometimes doesn't come and we go right into summer for a month, and then the cold wind comes back, or you get that sticky hot summer, where you can't stand yourself, because if it's too humid, your body hurts.
I lived in San Antonio prior to being moved up in Canada and I can't wait to go back into a warmer climate, maybe will hit lucky and get transfered to some where it going to be nice all year round.


Anne Hillebrand - March 29


The FibroFix site is free. Google for it.

Tells how to test, diagnose and successfully relieve all FMS symptoms on a daily basis.

Use common over-the-counter meds combined with tricks and tips.

Annie FibroFix



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