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6 Replies
tnichel - May 12

I'm back to eating one meal a day. This usually happens when it starts to warm up but my fms meds used to make me really hungry. Haven't lost any weight though. I can go all day w/o eating anything but I make myself so I can take meds. Anyone here have the same problem?


moodyme - May 12

hi tnichel, yes i most often have no appetite but try to force myself to eat. my gp said i barely weighed 100#! i was shocked & cried as i knew i had lost some weight but not that much. we need protein for the fms i know it may b hard to eat, but try to get something good for u in your tummy. i juiced (green) for lunch, can u try juicing? take care.


Fantod - May 12

Right now, I'm on the "see food diet." I see it, I eat it. Hate that and wish it would stop.


ptalana - May 13

Hi tnichel, I can't say that I've ever not had an appetite. I can honestly say that since developing fms my appetite has changed significantly. I never had a sweet tooth before, but now I have to have a sweet after dinner daily. I do try to watch what I eat though, I've developed so many food sensitivities so finding anything that I can digest has been a challenge. I personally find if I don't eat I get extremely nauseous and light headed. Not to mention I do love food, lol!!!!!
Take care, Patty ;)


Noca - May 13

I have suffered from a lack of appetite for the majority of my life. I was 50 lbs underweight for about 10 years or more. I still struggle to barely make 1000 calories a day. At one point was down to barely 500 a day. I have to take a drug called Zyprexa, it is the strongest appetite stimulant on earth. I take 10mg everyday, for the past 5 years. This drug has allowed me to maintain a healthy BMI of 20.5


kvc33 - May 14

I have a big appetite and think about food a lot. Some of it is due to depression and inactivity. Fortunately my metabolism is pretty good so I'm not really overweight, I just want to lose 10 pounds. Since I'm petite 10 pounds looks like 25 on me.


girlwith pain - January 31

I'm so extremely glad to have read all of your comments about "not" having an appetite!
I have had FMS for 20 years and I never had much of an appetite. It used to be easier to eat very small amounts of foods more often to maintain a good balanced blood sugar.
BUT, in the last 2 years my appetite has completely disappeared. Plus, I finally discovered that I have Celiac’s which is a good thing since it confirmed what I had suspected for years. Not eating any gluten, dairy, sugar, and other specific sensitive foods has helped my GI symptoms. Except it hasn’t made wanting to eat very easy.
For a year I was forcing myself to drink one or two Boost a day so that I would at least survive! Then I went on a nutritional detox program (herbal, vitamin and mineral only pills and powders with organic almond milk) and felt even better. But, you’re supposed to start adding back solid acceptable foods after the first week. Well I had an extremely hard time adding back any solid food.
I “STILL” have no appetite but I at least force myself to try to drink a smoothie made from an awesome nutritional powder in organic almond milk. This product has a great combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals which reduce inflammation. It really helps keep my GI system balanced and I have less bloated, cramps, IBS, etc. It helps heal my GI tissue from the damage caused by my Celiacs.
I know my pain is contributing to not having an appetite. It’s annoying when a doctor says “well the pain medications you are on will reduce your appetite”. For one thing I “know” that! Except I know it is not the meds since once they do work and my pain is less I actually can at least “think” of eating. People that don’t suffer from chronic pain have no idea. I try to give these people an example in effort for them to understand. I state “well do you feel like eating much when you have a headache?” It almost always works. If it doesn’t and they give me that look like they are thinking “but you look fine so what’s your problem. Are you faking, mental, something worse….?”. Then I want to take an electric cattle prod to them and while they are rolling around in pain ask “are you hungry now?!” Remember, I said “want to”. Or should I say “wish I could”. Actually as I know all of you would say “you just wish you didn’t have FMS!”.
I’m glad I’m not the only one with the no appetite thing since “most” medical descriptions of FMS symptoms don’t include appetite issues. I have since found one site that lists both “decreased” and “increased” appetite as FMS symptoms.



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