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Anyone with shaky, trembling muscles?
4 Replies
FibroGal - September 26

I have problems with shaky, trembling muscles in my arms and legs. You know, they feel like jello. I've heard some people call the feeling "internal trembling." For instance, if I'm leaning on an arm, it will tremble. Is this due to lack of exercise? Because I don't exercise much and I am out of shape. The other day, someone had me on the phone for 40 minutes. When I hung up, it felt like I pulled a muscle in my upper arm. It hurt and was sore the rest of the day.
I also have muscle twitches. I have real problems with anxiety and when I get a symptom, I tend to think the worst. These symptoms make me worry about ALS. I'm 46 and was diagnosed with primary fibro 6-8 years ago. I hope anyone with fibro can relate to my symptoms. Reassurance welcome and hoped for!


Fantod - September 26

Hello again - Yes, what you are describing is one of the "perks" of FMS. I know you are not on any meds for fibro having read another of your posts. I would have to say that not getting restful sleep is contributing to your muscle problems and soreness. I don't/can't exercise due to FMS and degenerative disc disease. You should be on at least a low dose (25mg) of Amitriptyline to ensure that you get some quality of sleep. There are a couple of things you can do on the holistic side. Malic acid (tablet) is available in any decent health food store. It helps with muscle activity like trembling, twitching, jerking etc. I would take 825 mg at night to help quiet things down for the best nights sleep that you can obtain. Plain old calcium tablets will also relax the muscles. If you are considering calcium, you'll need to take a tri vitamin K supplement to ensure the calcium does not build up in your bloodstream. For anxiety, I use L-Theanine which can also be found at any health food store. Two hundred mg will lessen your anxiety without knocking you sideways in the process. If you are considering using any holistic products, make sure you understand the dosing and possible side effects. That being said, I have to wonder why you are so resistant to following your doctor's suggestions for your health care. The amount of internal stress you are under will, at some point, have a cascade effect on other things. This illness is so difficult to handle on its own merit. Adding anything else to the picture should not be a choice if it can be avoided. I hope you take my comments in the spirit that they are intended. I ignored some health issues for a while, so I speak from experience. You only get one go around - make the best of it. Take care.


Izzie60 - October 6

I do , but I also have muscular dystrophy (mitochrondrial myopathy).

I'm now in a scooter. Happy 60th to me.

Hope you feel better........

Think it's just MUSCLE WEAKNESS ?


Snowrose - October 19

Hi, I have FM but i love to workout so i force myself to do so about 3 times a week, and I too have trembling muscles so I don't thing excersise or not makes much difference when it comes to this :) ofc exercise may help reduce it a bit if you're very affected (very shaky) but I'm pretty fit and I still feel like Jell-O pretty often XP


Snowrose - October 19

R. I. P spelling with auto-correct ... Think*



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