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anyone with knee problems from fibro
9 Replies
kaye - March 26

I just recently had fluid removed off my left knee it was swollen and very painful they cant figure out what was wrong with it all blood test came back normal. so dr. thought it was probley just from fibro. im on clinoril now and vicodin for pain. has anyone heard of this problem before?


JJ1 - March 27

Fibro doesn't usually cause inflammation and swelling. That is one way that they distinguish it from rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments with similar symptoms.


Mrs A - March 27

Don't have inflammation, but do have knee pains. My chiropractor said it was my knee being worn. But who knows for real?


mkode - May 10

I have knee problems, and massage to the bones and gristle helps. Also soft tissue above the knees seem inflamed but my blood tests show nothing, and is great after massage, I feel my knees are normal again, sigh (walking without being sensitive) but it only lasts for a day or two.


Doug Tomlinson - June 4

My legs are the worst affected area of my body, ESPECIALLY my knees. There are times that it feels like someone is trying to pry my knee caps off with a claw hammer. It only lasts for a few minutes aat a time but it comes in waves all day as often as every few minutes. It is very debilitating. I have found nothing over the counter yet to relieve me of this pain and my doctor is very reluntant to give me any narcotics to ease this pain for fear of becoming dependent.


Fantod - June 4

I would ask your doctor for a script of Ketaprofen. It is a pain killing cream which is made up by a compound pharmacy. It does NOT get into your bloodstream so it will not interfere with any meds you might be taking. You can apply it to the affected area and cover it with saran wrap for UP TO 2 hours - NO More. That helps the cream absorb so it works better. Every major metro area has a compound pharmacy somewhere. They will usually mail your script if it is not convenient to pick it up.


Bethy614 - June 12

I have constant knee pain with periods of intense pain that make it very difficult to walk. My left knee has a knot on the lower inside area of the knee cap. They don't know why it is there and said that the noise in my knees is normal. They don't know why there is heat in this area from time to time which seems to coincide with more extreme pain in the area.


maryfw - June 12

My husband has had FMS for years. He has to be very careful with his knees. He tore his ligaments and tendons out and had to have surgery to correct it. His muscles are weak there.


linda brown - October 31

i've had the knee pain too and had the fluid removed. doc says it's arthritis too. it got so bad i could hardly walk, good luck


Gabbie - October 31

I didn't think that fibro caused actual swelling in any of the joints and I agree with some of the other posts that possibly you also have arthritis which does cause swelling, but of course the most important thing to to be correctly diagnose by a doctor. I can certainly attest for the pain in the knees from fibro. I think that's the worst place for me and there have been times that the the pain has been excruciating. For the others on this post with knee pain, I was given a prescription for lidocaine cream which I apply to the inside of each knee at the fibro "pressure point and then cover the area with a bandaid so I am able to go about my day and keep the cream in place. Although I still feel a little discomfort, it's amazing how it numbs the area and blocks off the pain that is sent to the knee, especially the knee caps which sometimes feel like they are going to explode. It is not a narcotic. It comes in patches, but they are very expensive so I opted for the cream which is very inexpensive. I don't know what I'd do without it expecially on the really bad days.



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