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Anyone Try Lexapro?
7 Replies
bmcgovern - June 11

I was prescribed Lexapro for my serotonin in my intestines for the IBS. It's a Anti-Depressant. I was wondering if anyone has taken this and if its helped. I am also on it to help my irritability and moodiness. If anyone has tried it let me know how the results were.


Noca - June 11

I took Lexapro at 20mg for 2.5 years. It did nothing for my IBS but it wasnt prescribed for that. It didnt help my anxiety and did a little for my depression, but I still relapsed.

Every person reacts different to SSRI's like Lexapro so good luck! (Paxil helped me)


Stacey373 - June 12

Hi! I take 40mg of Lexapro. Alot of meds make me nauseous, as does this one, so I take it at night before I go to bed. I've tried TONS of other anti-depressant medications over the years and Lexapro seems to work the best for me. I still have my "ups and downs" and there are times I think it's not working...but overall I think it is helping me. Don't know if it's supposed to help with pain...I definately don't think it does for me. And it hasn't helped with the IBS problems.
Just thought I'd let you know that out of all the anti-depressants I've taken...Lexapro is the best for me. I hope it helps you...Stacey :o)


bmcgovern - June 14

I have been on Lexapro for about a week now and it's making me sick. I have gotten nauseated, indigestion, abdominal pain, headache, lightheaded, cramping in lower abdomen, lower back pain. I am talking to my doctor and am going to quit taking it. I will just go the natural route about it. I can't stand feeling horrible from this everyday it puts me down in bed and i want a life. Thanks for the info and i am glad it helps you. :)


LAMB - June 15

I've been on lexapro 10mg for several months and my IBS flare ups have decreased significantly! I would have frequent bouts of running to the bathroom especially on the weekends or if i was stressed. I can count on my hands how many times i've had a bad day since starting lexapro. Also for the mood control, it's made a good difference. I notice that stuff that used to bug me, isn't as big of a deal anymore and i'm not as emotional as i used to be. I hope you have the same experience as me and feel better soon!


WMC722 - June 17

I've been on Lexapro for two years and won't go without it! It helps my anxiety and my mood swings. IBS.. no, it doesn't help with that. I just take an Immodium every morning and I poop normally. haha.
It's important to know that starting out on any medication is going to be hard. Taking the Lexapro at night before you are going to sleep is recommended to ward off any nausea.
All the symptoms you described from your week on Lexapro sound like Fibro symptoms in general. Not saying that you aren't getting them from Lexapro.. just saying they are true to FMS too.


bmcgovern - June 17

Hi everyone. I talked to my doctor and quit taking Lexapro. It was the Lexapro making me sick because i quit taking them and am feeling so much better now. I got a lot of the side effects from it. My fibro doesn't make me feel that horrible. I am glad that this does help some of you and good luck with it. I am just going to stick to natural stuff.


snowflurree - June 20

I am on 20mg's of Lexapro for anxiety and my doctor said that is will help my Fibro. Not a chance. It did nothing for that pain. It did help the anxiety though.



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