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Anyone tried Methadone for pain?
8 Replies
Lee2010 - November 14

Hi everyone. I will be going in for an epidural shot this week to relieve the pain and pressure of my L5. We are hopeful that it will relieve the majority of my pain. However, my doc wants to start me on Methadone since no other pain meds work on me. I was just wondering if any of you have actually tried it, and if so, how successful was it in reducing your pain? It is kind of my last ditch effort in finding pain relief and I would really love to hear some stories from people who have actually used it as a pain reliever. Thank you so much in advance for any information and history that you can give to me. I, like all of you, just want to have a break from the daily frustration of the pain, as I'm sure that my family would like, too. It's so hard on them to see me like this.
Thanks again for being such a helpful and understanding group of people. You are all invaluable to me and everyone on this site.
Take care! Lee


Stacey373 - November 14

Hi Lee - I've been taking methadone along with Norco for a few months now. Honestly, at first the Methadone worked really well....but after a couple of weeks it stopped working and now it's pretty much pointless for me to even take. I do have a high tolerance for pain meds, so maybe I just became tolerant super fast.

I really hope this medication will work for you and help to relieve some of your pain. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Noca - November 15

There's gotta be some form of Fentanyl that would work for your pain, such as the patch, Fentora, or Actiq. Hope the methadone works though so you don't have to use Fentanyl. I've never used Methadone personally but have been offered it by my doctor before.


duhda75 - November 19


I take Methadone with Norco for breakthrough pain. The Methadone only takes the egde off for about 4hrs then I take the Norco. I like Stacey373 have a high tolerance for pain meds. I have only been taking it for about 2mths now. I go back to the Dr mon. I think he will just up my doseage.

Good Luck


Lee2010 - November 20

Thank you, everyone, for your comments and suggestions. I, too, have a very high tolerance to meds. I am currently on 2 Norco 4x per day along with the max amount of Gabapentin. It barely touches the pain, but it's better than nothing. I've recently had a spinal epidural and am hopeful that in the long term it will turn out to be helpful. Thanks again for the comments. I will let you all know how the meds work once my doc starts me on them. Take care everyone.


charity+5 - November 24

Can you guys please tell me where to find such awesome doctors? My pain mgmnt will only give me narco and I have taken this for 9yrs for a previous injury.


fishingflorist - November 25

I agree, where are these docs? My pain med is percocet. Which is great! Just not for pain! I get sooooo hyper when I take it its like I have ADD. But from what I hear at least I get that.


Mtfriedo - June 13

Hi, I am taking methadone right now because I am pregnant and suffer from fybro. My docs. Switched me to it be,cause its safer for the baby than what I was taking which was 10/325 hydrocodone 7 day, morphine 30mg 1 a day,and a couple other things that really didnt work either. Im 35weeks prego and now only taking .9 mg 3x day of methadone and im not in any pain. its been a very pleasant pregnancy. I do not recomend staying on meth for to long because it will rott your teeth. Hope this info helps.


Noca - June 14

Mtfriedo Methadone is NOT Methamphetamine. I have never heard of anyone's teeth rotting out from an opioid unless for some reason they gave up all oral hygiene for years.



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