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Anyone taking Ultram (Tramadol...generic)??
10 Replies
cwashburne - November 2

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia on Fiday, and the doc prescribed me Tramadol for pain to take during the day. I took it on Saturday (he wants me to take 2 50mg tablets 2x a day), and it made me feel SO messed up! I felt really weird, and drunk like. Has anyone else had these side effects? I called him and told him I needed something else, because I can't feel like this during the day. I have 2 kids I have to take care of, and drive to school and back. Any suggestions on another drug? I was thinking about vicodin because I don't feel all funny when I have taken it before. He said we could try it but alot of times it will stop working so they have to keep upping the dose.


tnichel - November 3

I have been prescribed tramadol. not the generic. The first time I took it, it made me really sleepy. But I started out with 1 pill and worked my way up to 2. Same dosage as yours though. I don't take it everyday. I took it a lot more when I was first diagnosed. The thing with pain killers is that they are for pain...and not necessarily for fibro pain. A lot of our pain can come from over-active nerve endings. I may not have worded that right but I'm sure Fantod will offer you an answer soon. Anyway, that's why a lot of us are on anti-depressants for pain like lyrica and elavil. Narcotics aren't the first choice of docs for fibros b/c the pain is different. The tramadol really doesn't do much for me these days. that's why I only take it on really bad days which may be a mute point since i'm usually beyond relief by then. I can't imagine dealing with all of this with two kids. Be'll take a while to find your right combo of meds. Good Luck!


cwashburne - November 3

Thanks tnichel :) He did prescribe me Elavil to help me sleep...but I woke up feeling SO tired, I didn't want to get out of bed. When I finally had to get up, I was so groggy and felt like a zombie. So he is having me go back on Flexeril to help with sleep. I wake up feeling decent when I take the Flexeril before bed. Now I just have to figure out a good pain med. I don't really like the side effects list from Lyrica. I have a very low tolerance for side effects from medications. It sucks!! It's hard going through this with two kids...I have a 7 yr. old and a 9 month old. My 7 yr. old is so helpful on my bad days though!!! Thankfully :)


Fantod - November 3

Yes, I was on Ultram briefly. I am very sensitive to medication and that one amost sent me to Emergency. I'm not a big fan of any medication. But, if I had to choose something for pain related to FMS it would Lyrica or Cymbalta. Are you seeing a rheumotolgist? There are a couple of components to FMS pain. One is related to the inability to get quality sleep. Generally amitriptyline is prescribed. If you are getting some restfull sleep your overall pain is lessened. You also need to watch your diet. Processed meat, fast food, deep fried food will really ratchet up your pain. Finally, anti depressants in low doses are usually prescibed for FMS pain. There are only certain classes of drugs like Lyrica or Cymbalata that work with FMS. Some FMS people take narcotics but I would think that they are the minority. It is going to take some time and considerable tinkering to figure out what combination works best. And, any drug you take will require some time to get used to the side effects. If you think your doctor may not be up to speed on FMS and is just giving you something to make you go away - get someone else. You can go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and get a couple of referrals in your area. Not all doctors are open to or treat FMS with an informed approach. You have to be your own best advocate. I've been through my share of doctors and now feel satisfied that I'm getting good care. I am really sorry to hear that your diagnosis is now confirmed. I remember how I felt when I was told that same news. There are a lot of good, caring people on this board. Keep asking question and I am sure everyone will pitch in to try and help. Take care.


cwashburne - November 3

Thank you Fantod :) Yes, I am seeing a Rheumatologist, and he is a wonderful doc. He has many ideas, and I am just so sensitive to medication also, that I am weary of trying a bunch of new stuff all at once. He mentioned trying BuSpar, because I have alot of anxiety, and I get chest pain with it. But personally, I am scared to try something new, because
I get terrible side effects. I don't think my insurance will cover Cymbalta. He wrote me a script for vicodin today, so I am going to try that and see if it helps. I just don't know if I should take that long term. So we will see. Thanks you so much for your answers.


Fantod - November 4

Just as another thought even though you have insurance. You can always ask the manufacturer for assistance with a prescription. Just go to their website and either call them or send an email. Especially if your plan does not cover it. II'd definitely be arguing with them about that... See if your rheumy has some samples you can try. That way you can see if you can tolerate the drug without purchasing it. I have the same issues so I am on very low doses of everything. I take 30 mg of Cymbalta and it has helped more than I would have thought possible. I hope you find the right combination and soon. Take care.


Fantod - November 4

Here is another jsuggestion - L-Theanine is a homeopathic medication for anxiety. It does not knock you sideways either. I take 200mg a day and it seems to do the trick. You can find it at any decent health food store. Make sure you understand how to use it as every medication has risks associated with it.
Take care.


dlucky1 - November 4

Hi, I also started with the 50mg of Tramadol. Take it at night if it makes you feel sleepy or weird. Start with just one and see if that helps. I started taking it that way and then took it once during the day if I was in pain. I was afraid to take more during the day but the doctor said it was ok to take 100mg every 6 hours if needed. My pain seems to be round the clock so he started me o the Ultram Er. I take it a night and sometimes I still have pain during the day. But it does help alot. I am still able to drive and manage the daily things on this amount. Just start out slower and only take it during the day if you need it. Hope this helps.


tnichel - November 4

Yeah, I'm very sensitive to meds that make you sleeping. Stick with the elavil. You may have to start out on a low dose and work you way up. It took me 3 months to work my way up to 50mlg. But it really does help with pain and I sleep so much better.


cwashburne - November 5

Thanks for all your answers :) I think I am going to see if the doc will prescribe me Zoloft for anxiety. He thinks that alot of pain gets worse with stress and anxiety...which I have both. And I do notice that my symptoms flare up, especially my chest pain, when I am stressed. My dad is on Zoloft and says it works great. So we'll see if that helps with pain too! Thanks again for all your help!


dannape - November 5

I also take tramadaol 50 mg, i was just taking one before bedtime, at first they made me feel like i was floating, but they don't do that anymore. i take one during day to help with the pain, and one at night to help me sleep, cause i can't sleep with the pain. my fear is, it will take more and more to help with the pain, and the last thing i want to do is get addicted to painkillers.



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