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anyone taking tramadol?
7 Replies
maggie - January 29

I have just been prescribed Tramadol and told to leave off the co-proxamol, I have only been taking it for three days but I have not seen much difference as yet.
Anyone else on it and how do you find it.
I mentioned Anatrin to him (as I've noticed other people take it for this condition), but he has never heard of it. He looked in a special book (I think he called it a M E M 's book) and he said it is not listed by the medical council, but he said he would also look on the net at this. (He is one of the topnotch NHS Doctors for my area), I thought this very thoughtful of him.


Debs - January 21

hi there maggie i was prescibed tramadol many years ago. i always felt dreadfully sick and had to have a anti nausea tab. it did help the pain but that out weighed the awful side effects


Robb - January 23

Since you are on the net , I assume you can research this as well as he can. Don't be afraid to call around and find a Doctor that specifically treats FiboM. patients. Call your local University Hospital..they will be doing research and trials of all the new drugs. It is your body..don't settle for a maybe type of answer. My wife has Fibrom.and we spent several years with doctors who said it was a multitude of nothing...until we found a physician who listened. He sent her to a specialist.
Good Luck


vanessa - January 27

i have beeen taking tramadol for about a year,orginally i thought it was briiliant but im under severe stress at present wich makes pain worse and iam finding they are not working as well as they did


CJ - January 29

Maggie I have been taking tramadol about 2 years now. I aslo have fibromyalgia. I have a very physical job and it helps me get going in the morning. It works rather well, however I have built up a resistance to it and like many other drugs need a higher dose now to get the same pain relief. It seems to be really safe. My sister also takes this and she hasn't had any issues either. My aunt who used to take it now gets no relief from it. Her condition has progressed as she is older and has had it longer. (both also have fibromyagia). Hope this helps. CJ


kjscns09 - August 20

I was given tramadol, and got extremely ill, bad side effects had to stop taking it after one dose.


tnichel - August 20

I'm on tramadol er (24hr). I take it once a day. It relieves enough pain to get thru the day but isn't as affective as it was in the beginning. Before going to er I was taking the lower Tramadol dose that you take every 4-6 hours. That did not work quite as well for me b/c I only took it periodically. Now if I don't take my er pill I'm miserable.


georgi - August 21

yes i have been taking the drug..seems to help but pain is still present. not sure what to do anymore. have you tried anything else.



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