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Anyone take multiple tries to go to sleep at night?
14 Replies
Noca - July 23

Anyone take multiple tries to go to sleep at night? It usually takes me till round 2 or 3 before I can ever manage to fall asleep. I will try to sleep, then give up and turn on the tv and watch some of that or go on the computer then return to bed about 10-15 minutes later and try again which consists of laying in bed staring at the wall.

I use the Xanax to silence my thoughts but this summer heat has made my already problematic falling asleep process worse!


ufdacentral - July 23

Hi Noca....Do you have air conditioning in your home? Are you outside allot during the day? the heat and humidity is so hard on people with FM...I am sorry to hear you are having trouble getting to sleep at night. I use to have quite a bit of trouble getting to sleep...until I started taking a couple of supplements that are helping with that. I have more issues with staying asleep all night. We don't have central air in our home but we did put a small air conditioner in our bedroom so its cool when we go to bed. That seems to help. I hope you can find a way to get to sleep...its simply awful to toss and turn trying to fall asleep. Hang in there...fall is coming.
:-) blessings to you.


mm30 - July 23

noca, i think you had the same nights sleep as me!! spent hours lying there then i turned on laptop watched some mindless reruns and tried again. consentrated on my breathing etc etc. covers off covers on. and bear in mind i had also taken xanax. grrrrrr.
I'm gonna try a bath before bed tonight and maybe some oils. is your mind very active? i also find when i do fall asleep i experience some crazy dreams. i always remember all my dreams which i read somewhere is not a good thing as im not entering the part of sleep which aides body healing etc. (i'm a bit of a novice at the fibro thing)
ufdacentral, i also experience what you mention falling asleep and then the smallest thing will wake me and then i will be lying there for hours.
i am trying to cut out caffeine as i hear it is not good for inflamation anyway.

noca i really hope you have a good nights sleep tonight ;)


Katzra - July 23

Hello Noca

There are nights that I have a hard time falling asleep, toss and turn, turn on the tv, etc. I can only take maybe 2 hours of it before I get really agitated and then the pain gets really bad. I do not have any prescriptions, so, about a year ago I started taking over the counter benedryl 50mg whenever I laid down but wasn't able to fall asleep within 30 minutes or so. It works great! I feel heavier in the mornings when I wake up and it takes a few extra minutes to fully wake up, but at least I got some sleep. A shower before bed helps me as well. I hope you are able to find something that can help, I know how exhausting it can be to not get much sleep...especially with Fibro.


Noca - July 24

Thanks all! Yes my house has central air conditioning(brand new unit 2 years ago) but my computer and electronics put off soo much heat that the AC cant compensate. My room is on the top floor. In order to make it cold we gotta have the rest of the house freezing which uses a lot of electricity. Thankfully we have been having some colder nights lately that I can just open the windows. I wish I had the money to buy an AC unit for my bedroom...


Stacey373 - July 24

Hi Everyone! What I do to go to sleep is I go to bed a couple hours before I actually need to fall asleep and I read. With 3 kids, this is a good way to unwind, relax, and have my "Me Time". I take several meds to sleep so I take a couple pills as soon as I lay down and then about an hour later I will take a couple more of something else. And if I really don't get sleepy, then I will take a couple swigs of Nyquil cough medicine (the cough formula doesn't have tylenol in it) I've been taking the Nyquil almost every night with summer here for my allergies cuz it also helps me to breathe at night and I can usually wake up not so stuffed up. But it does help to put me to sleep too!

The hardest thing for me is to fall asleep. So I basically take enough meds to knock myself out. Between the meds and reading, by the time I need to fall asleep I usually can't keep my eyes open any longer. With my kids out for summer break, it's not too big a deal how late I stay up and they are all old enough that they let me sleep in. but during the school year I am definitely on a strict schedule. Everyone used to give me so much crap for going to bed by 7:00-8:00 every night, but I really didn't care what they thought. I knew it was going to take me a couple hours to actually fall asleep and if I don't get at least 8 hours I absolutely can't function through the day (and I've also noticed I hurt a lot more too).

anyways...just thought I would tell you all what I do to sleep. maybe you can try reading a good book at night too! Hope this suggestion helps, Stacey :o)


solanadelfina - July 24

Noca, do sounds keep you up at night? If not, maybe a fan might help cool things down. (I know I can't sleep if it's too hot.) I also use bamboo sheets in the summertime that are much cooler than cotton ones. (Target has some of them.) I also like to turn off the lights except for a lamp and read for a while, to help calm my thoughts down. Some nights I'll burn a little lavender essential oil in a burner for a bit to help me relax, and it's made a difference.


Noca - July 24

Noises don't keep me up. I have to listen to my ceiling fan and my neighbour's AC rattle all night long. I'll look into these bamboo sheets you speak of. I want to buy another fan but I'm too broke right now.


axxie - August 9

Hey Noca, know what you mean about not being able to sleep. I have the same problem, they put me on Desyrel for awhile, but had problems with it, so doctor switched me to trazadone, ain't working either. Routine is the best thing, to try to trick your mind to sleep. Try putting socks on, I know it's hot in your room but somehow wearing comfortable socks might help, and my mom's trick, drinking a glass of milk? If anything does work for you, pass it on...


katiebird - August 9

Hi Noca - Your nights sound much like mine. I dread going to bed at night because I toss and turn. I have tried the tv and computer too but this doesn't help. It seems the less sleep you get, the more pain you face the next day.
My doctor does not like to give out sleeping pills because they are addictive. She gives me a really light pill (only 20 at a time) and I take one every Saturday night. At least one night of the week I manage to get 4 or 5 hours sleep in a row. Sometimes the pill doesn't work.
I have had Fibromyalgia for at least 15 years that I know. I retired early because of muscle spasms. At first I thought I was having a heart attack. So scary. Good luck! hugs



Hello, everyone.

I have a hard time falling asleep and then actually staying asleep. I was taking Ambien. The first time I took it, I was seeing DOUBLE on the television. lol, It was funny but actually kinda scary. But, I kept on it and was taking it for over a month and it was helping. Until I found out I had a conversation on the phone that I didn't remember. That really scared me. I am a single mother and have to be able to WAKE UP if needed for my daughter. I don't like the fact I couldn't REMEMBER having the conversation.

So, my doctor put me back on Xanax. I usually take one a day (at some point throughout the day) and then take the other at night. It does EASE my mind, but I still find myself taking over an hour to sleep and also waking up several time a night.

Any suggestions?



Fantod - August 9

Yes - I've become a world class fidgeter in bed. The heat and humiity this summer has definitely made things worse. I do have central air but I am extremely sensitive to any weather changes and completely heat intolerant. I was taking Amitriptyline but decided to try and get off it. I now use Melatonin and Calms Forte which are both homeopathic meds. I seem to do better with that combination than prescribed medication. Nonetheless, I still have issues with sleep.

Lately, I just cannot get past my feeling of exhaustion. I'm sure part of it is weather driven. I do know that TV and computers are not the best thing to be doing if you can't sleep. I usually read or try to focus on listening to my sound machine to try and knock myself out. I bought one from Brookstone that has programs especially developed to lull the brain to sleep. It seems to work unless I am really agitated by pain and/or stress. I also have a Persian salt lamp which is good for sleep. Short of hitting myself in the head with a hammer, I'll try anything...

Like the rest of you, I am often awake or semi awake until 3AM. I was a night owl before this illness started so I'm sure that factors into it somewhat. I'd love to wake up just once and actually feel rested. Take care.


Fantod - August 9

Noca - Invest in some soft foam earplugs which you can find at any DIY store and probably the durg store too. For $2, you'll eliminate having to listen to the neighbors rattling air conditioner. Take care.


katiebird - August 10

Hi Noca - Last night was a really bad night for me. I knew I was going out with friends the next day and I think that is why I had such a problem sleeping. In fact, I did not sleep at all the whole night. I read, used the computer and at 4:00am I washed and dried my hair. The rest of the time, I lay in my bed and tried to relax.
Right now I can hardly keep my eyes open but I am still going out with my friends. I have gotten to the point that I hate going to bed.
Some nights I am too tired to watch tv but once in bed, I toss and turn.
The less sleep we get at night, the more pain the next day. It is a vicious circle. hugs



I totally agree! The less sleep we get, the more pain we are in and the cycle just continues.
I am on Morphine CR 30 mg twice a day. I had quite a few side effects when I FIRST starting taking it about a month ago, but I am finally getting used to it.
Well, I am having a flare up and the pain will not go away! I can't sleep, I hurt and I just want to cry! I feel like giving up!



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