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anyone suffer with IBS
10 Replies
jrzgirl - April 8

and does that get worse from FM? I have been suffering for about a week, eating and not eating causes so much pain, gas and other problems.


Fantod - April 8

Yes, I have IBS. Many other people on this board do too. Look under "associated symptoms" in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. IBS is common for people with FMS. Given the amount of stress that you are under, I'm not surprised that you are experiencing additional problems. Try to reduce your stress level if that is at all possible. Take care.


Noca - April 8

I have bad IBS, have had it since I was a child. It gets aggravated by my anxiety. Medication used to treat it are ones like Simethicone, Loperamide, and Dicetel. Avoiding any greasy foods helps minmize symptoms too.

If you dont want to use meds for stomach aches, you can always use a hot water bottle and put it against your stomach to ease the pain. Works wonders.


solanadelfina - April 8

I'm starting to think so. I've been getting some gas problems lately and a lot of pain in my solar plexus area (above the intestines) and even my chest. (Kind of crumpled over at work today and a nearby customer told me not to do anything because she didn't know CPR. :) )

My thought was to try drinking peppermint and ginger tea on those days to help with digestion, or buy a big bottle of diet ginger ale or diet Fanta to help get that gas out. If you don't like ginger, there are some blends with lemon that help disguise the taste without lessening the effects.

Thanks, Noca, I'll try that hot water bottle idea, too.


lucidmana - April 8

Yes, I have IBS and it gets pretty bad sometimes. There are so many things that make it worse, since I have anxiety and depression, food and medicine sensitivities, and I'm also a Hypochondriac. Because I'm constantly stressed, in pain, and easily overwhelmed, I find I don't digest anything properly. The best thing for me so far has been digestive enzymes, which help break down the food and allow it to pass through your system easier. Along with fish oil and a probiotic capsule once a day, I've been able to keep gas, bloating and constipation at bay. Hot baths and rubbing Neroli oil into my skin really helps to de-stress and relax my digestive tract, but the oil is unfortunately expensive, so I just burn the incense variety, and as a bonus it sometimes helps me sleep. Everyone has different ways of coping, but I would definitely recommend taking an enzyme or two with meals.


MsFibroFog - April 18

I've had IBS for decades now, before there was even a name for it!! One thing that has helped in general is that I gave up soda. I don't think it was the caffein as I drank decaf unless not available; rather I think it was the carbonation.

I, too, have found that digestive enzymes help. if you live in AZ, you can probably find a Hi Health Store who sells wonderfully delicious Papaya Enzymes. I no longer live there so it is a hit or miss trying to find some that taste ok. But, they do work to relieve the gas and bloating.

As far as constipation, I'm thinking I start to get regular when I eat nuts.

I hope something here has helped you!!


Suzi R - May 4

i have had IBS long before i was diagnosed....seems now everything that i have suffered over the past few years..including IBS, reynaulds syndrome, possible mini stroke, cluster migranes, double vision....all seem to have been Fibro..or its onset. I have suffered from Rheumatism since i was a child...normally in the colder months. Yes, IBS makes it a whole lot worse, as if we really need anymore pain. I have been given Lansoprazole 30mg a day for mine....mainly works a treat for IBS, but you cant take it with some other medicines. But now Fibro has really taken hold of me, and i can no longer work, as i cant walk far...and even then iam in a lot of severe pain. Iam, waiting to claim DLA... as i now have no income...and DLA by the sound of it dont like to say yes to people if they can help it. So i hope i do get it, as i now have nothing to live on.


Gabbie - May 14

Yes, IBS, another problem that can be associated with fibro. Mine comes on during a "flare" or when I am stressed or sometimes, just because. For me, when I'm having a bout, food in general can bring on awful stomach aches and cramping and it's pretty miserable. My doctor prescribed Librax which does seem to help. It alleviates some of the cramping and after using it for several days, the IBS lets up. Maybe it would help you also.


fibro78957 - May 23

I was diagnosed with IBS after a hospital admission following a anaphylatic reaction to emetrol that I was trying to take to prevent the symptoms of IBS. I have been put on many different medications over the years - lomotil, bentyl, phenergan, zofran, etc with little relief. I was diagnosed with FM in Sept 09. My PCP sent me to a new gastroenterologist this week. She requested some lab work to check for celiac disease and wheat allergy. I am also scheduled for a endoscopy and colonoscopy. I also was diagnosed with erythema nodosum last summer which can be caused by celiac disease and celiac disease can also be associated with FM.


aussiegirl - June 14

I am not sure if I have IBS, bowel has been working overtime in the last few weeks and always seem to have nausea, bloating and pain in lower and upper abdo. Are these the symptoms of IBS? Hate the nausea and pain!!!


Fantod - June 14

assiegirl - Sounds like IBS symptoms to me. Take a look at "Associated Conditions" in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. Take care.



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