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Anyone recieving emails about products for FM?
3 Replies
TNUtammy - October 22

I've been getting some emails about different supplements and products designed to treat fibromyalgia and I was trying to figure out how these companies are getting my email address. Anyone else getting emails like this? The email clearly addressed the fact that I have fibromyalgia and even referred to me by name. Now how would anyone know that I have fibro unless they got my email address from one of these forums? I recently joined several and am just trying to narrow it down. My email address is hidden on all of these forums, so I'm thinking that maybe my information during sign up is not being kept as private as it should be...


stevekc - October 22

Hi tammy, iam sorry that i can't help you with the above and i hope someone
else can . I just wanted to thank you for trying to help me sort out my problems that are kind of similar to yours dont you think ? If there is any product on the market that you know of that i could use to help with my aches and pains ,please let me know wont you . i would love to be able to exercise again without all my side affects


TNUtammy - October 23

Thanks for the support! I actually haven't found a darn thing that helps me, especially from the kinds of places that I'm getting these advertisements from. You know, the kind that has pages and pages of why this product is different, and why it is the only thing that will completely cure you. I hate those kinds of things because honestly, don't we have it hard enough? We've all had our hopes raised at one point, only later to discover that it was false hope. Don't promise me that after only 1 week I will be completely cured - it's such an insult. If you want me to try your product, just say that it has the potential to help a particular symptom and then back it up with some good information. I don't want to read testimonials that could have been typed up by your publicist. Anyway, I mostly just wanted to see if anyone else here was getting these emails and judging by the few posts this has gotten, I think its safe to say that this website would not be the source (despite all the links and banners on the site that advertise other so-called miracle drugs).


Gabbie - October 23

I have found that some sites that I have gone to somehow "track" my e-mail address and before you know it, I'm received all sorts of garbage. The best way to stop it is to set you e-mail to allow stuff only from people you recognize and the rest goes into "junk" mail which is easily cleaned out.



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