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Anyone on Flexeril and/or Vicodin?
9 Replies
andi - October 27

I've been taking a half of a Vicodin to sleep. Yesterday the new doc gave me Flexeril.
I've been concerned about the vicodin and it becoming an addiction, but sometimes its the only way I can sleep and feel some relief. If I wake after a few hours, I try not to take the other half. This is scarey stuff with these drugs!
Last night I wound up taking the Flexeril AND Vicodin.......sheeees!!


carm - October 28

I've taken Soma which is also a muscle relaxor like flexoril, flexoril didn't work for me. Anyway it just relaxes the muscles to so you can sleep better. It works sometimes for me.


Lynne-FT - October 28

I take both and then some the vicodin takes a lot of the pain away but i am also worried about addiction.


TERESA - October 28

Andi, you shoud not worry so much about become an addict!! If your doctor is compitend he/she will monitor your pain meds closely!! I am taking both morphine & vicodin & have for almost a year now. What you & your doctor should look for is an increased need for more & more pain meds!! The studies that have been done recently say that pain is the antidote to addiction. This means that if you are taking pain meds because you are in pain then the adictoin problem is reduced! If you are taking pain meds because you are trying to achieve a state of euphoria then you have an addiction problem. My dosage has not increased & I am not taking more than the recomended dose! I still have some pain but I am still able to function uneffected ( & I am taking a very high dose). Most people, taking my dosage, would be comatose. Because of the pain I am in, I can take the pain meds & still functiion like the other people around me> Hpoe this helps!


andi - October 29

Yes it does TERESA, Thanks! You made a lot of sense and I appreciate your input.
In fact, I fight taking them and my husband keeps asking me why I'm being such a martyr. Martyr? I'll let that go..........but I guess he's kind of right in encouraging me to do what I have to do to reduce the pain. Makes sense now.
A family member of mine in her 70's has had fibromyalgia now for 20 diagnosed with other polymyalgia's and other things. She's been taking the meds so long they don't seem to help. Now she's on some sort of patch that she's afraid to use for fear of addiction. This has had an effect on me and how I'm handling this. But, what you have said has cleared me up on this and I'll do what I have to do now.........thanks TERESA


Theodora - October 31

i also use flexeril to sleep sometime + morphiine for pain. sometime it work sometime not. i find that the flexeril can knock me out for 12-14 hrs at a time + give me a hungbangover next day.... it is a chance you take to escape


Wanda - November 8

Andi, I've been on flexeril for about 5 months now. My MD put me on it for some severe shoulder pain, then my rheumatologis continued the treatment in smaller doses. I take 2 Tramadol in the morning and 2 more after lunch. I can't take it later than that or it keeps me awake at night. When I go to bed I take 1/2 of a flexeril. If I'm hurting really bad when I get home from work, I also take a half. I only take a whole one when I can sleep late or if I just am in a really bad mess pain wise. If I take a whole one it mades me drugged feeling inthe mornings. It seems to be a pretty safe drug to take.


carrie lee - November 8

andi, just started taking flexeril along iwth my hydromorphone, I must say it definitely puts me out like a light.Dr prescribed 10 mg 3 times a day I think I am going to stick with just one a day and even at that right before bed. Since I started it I have taken it with my evening meds and my husband cant wake me to go to bed so I sleep on the couch for at least 12 hrs, I am however gratefu for sleep it's been so long since I have slept more than an hour and a half at a time. If you trust your doctor then trust that what they are prescribing you has benefits that outway the side effects.


andi - November 9

Thanks everyone!
I'm finding that Flexeril is widely used by rheumies for their patients. In fact, I was in a local store the other day and the owner and I were we so often do. I told her I now had was her response,
"I have it too! My doc has me on Flexiril, and it really helps!!
So....I guess I'm doing okay.
Blessings on all and may we make the best of the times when we feel somewhat better.........(did that make sense?)


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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