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Anyone lost weight cutting certain foods?
4 Replies
bmcgovern - December 11

I have lost weight ever since cutting out Dairy, Greasy Foods, Sugar, Red Meat, Gluten. I need to gain a little i am now under weight and don't know what to eat to keep my body at a healthy weight. I have to be very careful what i eat if i eat something that i think will be ok and it's not it gives me the worst stomach pain. Anyone have any ideas of what to eat to keep a healthy weight please let me know. Thank you.


crafter8 - December 12

my weight goes up and down with fibro. I too have a sensitive stomach, pretty much eat green leafy stuff, vegetables, fruits, small amount of chicken. my daughter complains i eat the same thing. thats cause i know my stomach wont hurt.


solanadelfina - December 13

Hi, I've also been losing a lot of weight after cutting out sugar and am keeping an eye on it. My question is, how much and how often do you eat? We don't get in as many calories now, so can eat more often to keep our energy up.

Another suggestion is to make sure you're getting enough protein. There's still chicken and turkey and fish and nuts and legumes for that. A lot of folk have good luck eating many mini meals throughout the day instead of three bigger ones, which also seems to be better for our digestion.

Every work day, I eat rice cakes with sugar-free peanut butter for the protein, (and it's the only thing that doesn't make me sick in the morning) and I pack fruit, almonds, and cheese for a midmorning snack before lunch.


iliveinpain - December 14

I wish I had your problem hahaha


bmcgovern - December 14

Thanks everyone,
I try to eat 2 full meals a day. I do snack a few times a day. I really can't eat any fruit because of the acidity in them. I also eat a lot of the same foods to cause i know they have agreed with me. I am trying to eat more meat to. I am just so sensitive to everything that sometimes i don't know what to eat without getting sick. A lot of the food i was able to eat i can't eat now. Well thank you for letting me know some stuff to try.
Take Care.



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