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Anyone in Ottawa or Near Ottawa
12 Replies
axxie - May 3

Hi there girls, there's a talk about fibromyalgia in Ottawa tomorrow evening at the Public Library, the talk is given by no other then a rheumy.

I'm hoping that I can learn a few things, will definately will report back after the meeting.

I am hoping to get the rheumy to help me out.


Noca - May 3

I live in Hamilton, its 5 hours away. I got a close friend in Ottawa though but he doesn't got fibromyalgia.


Myriam - May 3

I'm in Ottawa. Which public library? And do you need to register?


Myriam - May 3

Hey Axxie, I will be going as well tonight. See you there, I guess.


Canada17 - May 3

Ottawa Public Library at 120 Metcalfe Street

In the Main Library Auditorium
From 7pm to 9pm, Monday, May 3rd.

Call to register: 1 877 715 7517

Though the library is closed for maintenance, the auditorium is open.


Myriam - May 3

I found it online, I am going tonight. thank you!


axxie - May 7

Hey Myriam, I could'nt go, did you get anything out of it.??? Who was the rheumy


Canada17 - May 7

axxie, I am sorry you weren't able to make it. It was a pretty basic presentation on Fibromyalgia. I think it was created more for those newly diagnosed and medical professionals. I found the question period at the end to be the most beneficial.

My husband came with me, so I think he may have gained more from it than I did. But, that is only because I have been doing research almost daily since I was diagnosed a year ago. I was able to answer some of the questions the rheumy couldn't.

The rheumy seemed knowledgeable but was unable to give clear answers on some of the tougher questions. He wasn't dry though and had a sense of humour. He was easy to listen to and inviting. What I mean is that I didn't feel like he was going to come down on any of us from his podium and I wasn't falling asleep.

There was also a guest speaker named Cathy who talked about the importance of exercise. She is from Kitchener (I think...), has FM, and teaches aqua fitness specifically designed for us. She does it all for free so that the classes are affordable for everyone. Very nice lady.

I actually got her number because I am very interested in taking aqua fitness classes but most of the ones in the City are during the day. I still have a full time job and plan to hold onto that as long as my body will let me. She said she may be able to arrange to come to the city to teach someone how to teach the class.

Overall, it was definitely good for me to go. Not only did I get out of the house and socialize, I reaffirmed that I have this illness and I am not crazy. That's a good feeling! lol (well, maybe not having FM but you know what I mean)


Myriam - May 7

Hi Axxie and Canada17- I went to the presentation and like you Canada17, I thought the question period was great. The presentation was clear but I have also been reading a lot about fibro since my diagnosis(2 weeks ago!) and I knew pretty much everything he discussed. It was Dr. Kraig, not sure if I sopell it right. My doctor is very knowledgeable about fibro and she was pleased that I went. I had some questions I was unable to find answers for so I asked him and got a different answer that I expected but it was a better answer than the one I thought! I really learned a lot from the other fibromites, even enough to know what kind of treatment I want to stay away. My husband could not come, which I was pretty upset about, it would of help him.
All and all, very good, Axxie, Thank you very bringing it to my attention.
And Canada17, if you get Cathy to come here, i'll be glad to join. You may remember me, I'm the one who asked about the pregnancy issue.
Anyhow! See you guys Take care!


Canada17 - May 7


I do remember you, I was the one who got up to the mic and talked to you about my pregnancy! : ) And then everyone clapped. lol...that was a little embarrassing!

I hope what little information I could give helped with your decision. I know it's a tough one.


axxie - May 8

OK girls we need to share a coffee so that we can talk lol. Do you know if the good doctor is going to present again? I'm so sorry I could'nt go, gees I would have liked meeting you all.

If any of you girls want to share your doctor's name I be glad to know, I'm looking for another. I just came to the conclusion that my doctor is not all there.... and I do mean this


Canada17 - May 11

axxie, I wish I could help you.

Unfortunately my doctor had to have urgent surgery last week and has closed her office for at least three months. So now I am without a doctor, I don't even have a GP! And apparently she is the only doctor in the city limits who does what she does so there is no one looking after her patients while she's incapacitated.

I had to get my mother-in-law (was an RN years ago) to give me my last shot of iron because no clinic would give it to me. Here's the thing that gets me, they say they need proof, like me showing up with an iron shot prescription, with my name on it, is not proof enough? They wanted a letter from my doctor! Hello!? If I could get a letter from my doctor, I could get the damn shot! Talk about a serious case of misplaced liability fear!

Then, the secretary at her office wouldn't copy my file, she said she couldn't without permission from the doctor. Uh, it's my file. So, I explain to her what I need and she tells me I can have a copy of my tests, but nothing else. Ok, so I ask for that...but doctor has my file with her! Why? I have no clue, can't imagine why she would have needed to take it home with her. So I have to wait until she gets out of the hospital and is in some sort of condition to bring it into the office. Rrrr.

And, I am expected to just be ok with all of this. To not lose my cool when I am already stressed to the max with everything going on in my life. Like not have a doctor for three months is no big deal!? Man, I wish I was one of those people, who don't care whether or not they have proper those people even exist?

The secretary just kept telling me to go back to my GP, even though I've told her multiple times that I don't have one! Frustrating!

Oooo that was a long rant....sorry! Thanks for listening! lol


axxie - May 12

Hey Canada17, gees I always wondered about some doctors, this just picks me the wrong way. You can call the Canadian Medical Association there are right here in Ottawa on AltaVista Drive, they can help you with investigation part, as to why a doctor would have your file, as I know it, it's infringement. Another thing you can do, is show up at one of those evening clinics. I found a great one that I go to all the time, based on how crazzy my doctor is, I have to go there. There's a medical clinic open to the clinic on McCarthur Road, yes it's in Vanier, but if you go on Tuesday or Friday you get the lady doctor, she is great, the only draw back with this clinic is you have to get there at 4 or 5 p.m. and they will take your name and give you an appointment for later that evening. By 6p.m. the appointment book is full. There's also the chinese doctor I think he's on wednesday and he's also very good.

Call province for referal so that you get a least a gp for now to help you out.

Good luck and hope it helps you.



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