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Anyone here from Chicago and hurting more than usual?
5 Replies
iliveinpain - August 4

I live in a suburb of Chicago IL and with all the rain and humidity we've had the past couple of months, I just feel like giving up. I'm hurting way more than usual. Between the pain in the back of my neck and my lower back, I feel like I'm going crazy. Unfortunately I have to work, but luckily it's a very easy sit down job. I'm at work now leaning back on my heating pad. It's helping a bit, but, this has been an extremely bad season for me. Anyone else with thoughts on this??


Agavegirl - August 5

Hi iliveinpain. I live in Arizona, not Chicago, but I wanted to let you know that I am feeling EXACTLY like you. We have our monsoon season here with tons of rain, heat, and humidity, and I have been miserable.The back of my neck is in knots, is stiff and is giving me tension headaches. My lower back is tender and feels like it is on fire. Even my neuromuscular therapist cannot help me right now, and he usually can always give me relief. I have also been using the heating pad. So sorry for your pain. Hugs to you.


January - August 5

On the East Coast, and riding out this horrendous heat and humidity wave!! And YES, I am hurting so much more than I usually do! It's ridiculous how much the humidity affects pain! I wonder why that is….??


Agavegirl - August 6

Hi ladies! Today is a little bit better, but I wish I was in Alaska right now. January - I lived in Northern VA/D.C. for four years and boy did I suffer there. The Barometric pressure really was something else. Plus the severe humidity in the summers! I wish I knew why the humidity causes such havoc on us. Hugs to everyone! :)


January - August 7

Hi Agavegirl! You must be the thousandth person to tell me that! The weather in this area is awful, that's for sure. (Washington DC was basically built on a swamp!) I learned from this forum that the humidity was an issue in aggravating pain, and it sure makes sense - we get it all year long, as you know. (Today it was a steam bath out there!) Everyone who moves out west to the desert says their pain level is so much better. Lucky you!


valjoy - August 23

Hi Everyone, I find that the damp weather is much worse for me, the damp, wet and cold really gets into the muscles. Barometric presssure really plays up with he body too. Just finding the right climate is a hard thing to do.



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