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Anyone have weird head sensations?
5 Replies
ro45 - December 14

Lately I've been getting this strange vibration like feeling that goes up into my head. Only lasts a second or two. I've noticed it more often when I am on the computer using the mouse. I am very tight in my neck, shoulders, upper back. I wonder if it' somehow it's connected. My right hand also gets very cold when I am on the computer almost immediately.
Any ideas? The vibration feeling is scary even though it only last a seond or two.


barbar - December 14

I'm not sure if it's a vibration but it's something similar. I occassionally get a 'vhzzpbed' feeling, I have no way to describe it, that starts out slow and then takes me over completely. It's like a small electrical shock, like when you were a kid and you stuck your finger into the light socket or accidently got your finger on the plug of something while you were pulling it out of the socket. It would simply amass itself all over me until I couldn't move, not out of pain or anything, but because the body was just not responsive. The only thing that worked was to get a Neurontin (or two) QUICK. My doctor explained these were minor internal electricl shocks, where my neurological system was being overwhelemed. We never figured out if it was the Neurontin that made it go away or just the act of getting up and moving, which might have released the pressure off the offending nerve. (I'm pretty sure it was the Neurontin because getting up and walking around didn't always help.) There are also times when I am overly aware of a particular body part, don't know how to explain this one either. For example, sometimes it feels like every bit of energy in the universe is flowing out through the sole sof my feet. I could fry a chicken if I stepped on it. FMS attacks every system in our bodies and these are just examples of FMS attacking our nerve systems. I bet you get debilitating internal cramps,sometimes it feels like something inside is ripping apart. That's just the FMS throwing our smooth tissue muscles into Charlie horses, like your stomach and intestinal muscles, or the muscles on the inner wall of the abdoman. Have a blessed day.


Amyloo - December 14

I get that wierd vibration/electric shock through my head too. It is like a zap or bolt of electricity through my head. I looked it up on Google; found a name for it but I can't remember right now. If I think of it I will repost.


teresat - December 14

I have wierd neurolagical symptoms too! Barbar you said that you have something importat to say about Cymbalta! I havve been on it for about 3 mons now ! Does it have neuro side effects?


teresat - December 14

PS.... Do any of you take Cymbalta?


barbar - December 14

If you look back underneath allthe postings where CarrieLee buried my posting on "2 Barbaras Down and Cymbalta," you'll find a full explanation. But basically, you remember that weird posting I did about eating myself to death with all the sweets? I wrote that incredible macabre and scary posting while on Cymbalta. Not everyone will have the reaction to the durg that I did but see if you can find the "2 Barbaras Down and Cymbalta" posting. It got buried because CarrieLee didn't think it was at all important. See what you think.



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