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anyone have tight arms muscles and arm fatigue?
10 Replies
ro45 - November 28

I seem to have a strange symptom. Mainly in my right arm. (I'm right handed) I do have a lot of grinding sounds in my shoulder joint. But it's like when I lift my arm I feel this pulling from my shoulder area and it pulls down into my arm. It doesn't really hurt, it just makes my arm unable to move in a natural way. Kind of like a really tight something that restricts my movement. Sometimes it's so bad that it's hard to type or write because my fingers don't work right. I don't spend much time on a computer. I have neck problems and a chiro is improving it but I was just wondering if anybody else has this. Just folding laundry is hard for me because my arms fatigue so easily. I have also noticed I feel really weird "off" in the head at times. I feel that my neck and shoulders are so tight that it makes me feel kind of dizzy (not room spinning kind) it's so hard to explain. I was grocery shopping the other day and my arms felt so tired pushing the cart, and my neck felt tired and I kept telling myself, you are okay, your're almost done and then I got this really strange feeling in my head (like the circulation was off) and I freaked! I know it put me in a panic attack. I got very weak and had to call someone to come and get me. Now I am afraid it will happen again. Does anyone else have really tight neck, shoulders and arms that get weird feelings in there head? My rheumatologist diagnosed fibro a few years ago and my chiro is in the process of fixing my reverse curve in my neck. It was -11 and now it' -3. I still have a ways to got, I think it's supposed to be +15 or +18. I just wonder if the change is affecting my muscles or something. I should be feeling better, not worse. Anway, sorry this is so long, just searching for answers.



Fantod - November 29

Hello ro45 - I've read your question a couple of times. I have a similar problem with both shoulders. I have a grinding, clicking noise and my arms don't rotate in a natural manner. I thought my osteoarthitis had moved into a new area and made an appointment with a shoulder specialist. It turns out that I now have bursitis in my shoulders as well as both hips. The bursa in both shoulders is swollen and pushes/forces the joint out of position when I use my arms. It is not particularly painful. They feel tight and sometimes I get a sensation of pressure. That being said, I think you should see your doctor right away about those symptoms as well as the vertigo sensation. I'm all in favor of chiropractors but the sensations that you are describing certainly gives me pause for concern. Particularly that your hands "don't work right." I think you should see a neurologist as well as your regular MD. As far as arm fatigue goes, mine is precipitated by continual muscle activity - twitching, jumping and, for lack of a better description, vibrating. This goes on all of the time so when I actually need to use my arms the muscles are already over extended from random movement. I get tired very easily and have trouble with tasks that require repeatative motion. Bursitis is a real persistent problem so you need to see someone right away to determine if you have it and get treatment. Even with treatment, it may not subside. Fresh pineapple is very good for bursitis as it has enzymes to help break it up. As an alternative to cortisone shots which can only be administered a couple of times a year I use Sarapin. The latter is a derivative of the pitcher plant and does not cause tissue damage. My rheumotologist uses it for pain relief. It is quite effective although I never enjoy getting the shots. I hope my comments are useful to you. Take care.


ro45 - November 29

Thanks for your reply. I did see a shoulder specialist who said I needed an MRI, however I chickened out at the thought of them sticking a needle in my shoulder and I cancelled. I did see a neurologist a few years back about all these symptoms. He did mri's and mra's of both my brain and neck. Also an eeg and a EMG (I think it's called) where they stick my arm and hands with needles to check the nerves. (boy, that was a rough one) I also had an ultrasound of my carotid arteries in neck to check blood flow. All came back fine. The orthopedist said that my shoulder problems were not connected to my neck problem. My chiro said that because I have been carrying my head forward for so many years that it definitely can cause shoulder problems over time. I am just hoping that when my neck gets fixed that everything else will start to heal. I know it will take a long time. I guess I could get that MRI on my shoulder, I just don't want to have surgery on it and I don't do good on anti-immflamatories. I'm starting to feel the pulling down my left arm a little now. It's really weird, my husband and massage around on the shoulder joint area, and feel a tight like band. When I do stretching exercises, putting my hands on the back of my head and pressing elbows back, I can feel a "pop" where that tight band is. I have so many sore spots are my arms, it is crazy! I guess I have too many sore spots all over my body to count. Have you taken any meds for this? My rheumotologist gave me diclofenac (may be spelled wrong, which hurt my stomach), flexeril, which he said to take at bedtime. I know it sounds crazy but they make me extremely dopey but I stay awake all night. (not the norm, I know) I tried them several times at night. So I tried them in the daytime, and I just feel awful, dopey and all. I hate those things. He also gave me tramadol, I beleive for pain, which made me naseous all day. So, as you can see, I don't take any of those things. I guess I'm a strange case. The only test that came back off was my elevated titer (ana), the rheumatologist said not to worry about it because I have none of the symptoms of lupus or the other autoimmunes. He says many healthly people have positive ana's. I know all these symptoms have brought on anxiety for me. Not knowing what is wrong, is really hard. Anyway, thanks for listening


Fantod - November 29

Hello again - I'm a bit confused as an MRI does require anything other than lying completely still on a cold hard surface. There are no needles involved. I've had the test with the needles and I'd never do it again. It was exceedingly painful. I am extremely sensitive to medication and don't tolerate any of them well. I use a mix of holistic and conventional medicine which seems to work for me. If I were you, I consider seeing a different neurologist and orthopedic specialist. A fresh set of eyes can't hurt. I also wonder if you are actually having a problem with myofascial pain which is common in FMS and can cause a lot of pain in the shoulders as well as sore spots in the arms. Whatever it is, none of the people you are currently seeing are helping. I tend to be relentless when it comes to getting an answer. In any event, the longer the pain goes on, the harder it will be to fix. I hope you will consider some of my suggestions. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


llcsmom - December 2

And I am confused about the positive ANA test result. I haven't heard that "healthy" people can have a positive ANA. That sounds like you should have that checked again or get a second opinion on that.

My daughter (12yo) has alot of what you describe, ro45, in that she has tight and painful neck and shoulders. She also has some dizziness/lightheadedness which is a symptom of fibro AND makes sense if the cervical spine is messed up. I believe that the nerves that are in the C3, C4 area of the cervical spine--where it sounds like you have issues--innervate the arms and hands--which would explain the difficulties that you are having. Yes, I agree with Fantod, that you (and my daughter) should see a neurologist.
She has a very straight cervical spine, and of course that is a major area for nerve and brain connections. She was treated by a chiropractor about 12 times, and he recommended that she come for about 30 visits, but we can't do that due to cost/insurance coverage. So, there was really no improvement. Good luck to you.


sandik5 - December 4

My right arm is so sore, just like you described. I'm learning a lot about Fibro in the last few days by viewing this site. There are so many things that I have that I had no idea why until now. It is so great to read about other people like us.
I went to work out last night and I used the weights for my arms and boy did it hurt. I couldn't sleep last night. Now I know better.


ro45 - December 5


Yes, I was going to have to have a needle injected into my shoulder joint before the MRI. It may have been dye or something for contrast. I don't know. My ex brother-in-law had surgery on his rotator cuff and he said he had to have the same done to him and it really hurt. I am going to wait until my neck has got a better curve (actually a curve at all, since it is not even quite straight from the reverse curve) and see how that affects my shoulders. The chiro thinks the muscles will start to heal but it will take a lot of time. I understand that now. It is not going to be a "quick fix" with me. You can't straighten crooked teeth it a few weeks and spines are the same. We all want relief now! Including me! LOL

llcsmom - I think all people with lupus have positive ana's. So if you suspect lupus and test negative, then it is ruled out. However, many healthly people have positive ana's. You can google it and find this stated by a lot of doctors. I did go back to the rheumatologist a 3rd time and he just says fibromyalgia and acted kind of mad that the other doctors were scaring me about the ana.

I've had repeated test by the neurologist and at this point am not going back. I am going to wait and see how I feel in the next several months with my chiro. I see the xrays and the 7 degree improvement that I had in the last 4 months. He says that the reason I feel so bad is that my neck and spine is still really bad, better but I've got a long ways to go. I have been to 7 different chiros over 19 years and this is the first one that has really given me hope and I know he's not just after my money. My spine didn't get this way overnight and it's going to take time. If your daughter is only 12 and her neck and spine are causing her dizziness already, I would really recommend getting good help soon. My chiro says the younger you are the quicker you spine can heal. I know you have to be careful and find the right kind of chiro, but her straight neck can be fixed.



fibromontana - December 5

Reading through all these responses; I too had the EMG - the neurologist put needles in all my pressure points and then sent electrical impulses into the muscle; an hour and half ordeal - definately not any fun. The best part was he told most men can not tolerate these tests!

I also have a positive ANA; I've had it checked annually for the past three years and it comes back positive every time, but all tests that follow up come back negative. I'm told it is very normal for people to have a positve ANA, but I think it is somehow tied to Fibro - and autoimmune related disease.


ro45 - December 5

That's interesting?! Are there any other fibro patients out there who have positive ana's? I've always wondered. There may be a lot but just haven't been tested. Anybody?


Sonja44 - December 23

My arms have been in a bad flare up for the past 3 months. Picking up anything is rediculously is turning a door knob, and shaking hands with someone makes me wince.

I'm currently seeing a Massage Therapist who works at the Sports Medicine Clinic. She has been working out the adhesions and what she calls "fibro nits." The second session was the worse. OMG! I asked her why she didn't have a piece of leather for me to bite down on during it. She reminded me she was still my friend afterwards.

It has helped considerably in my left right arm is a little better...but was also in worse condition to start with and has a ways to go still. I go again tomorrow. Lots of water...breathing...and focus.

BTW...I've always had a negative ANA. ?


fibrocat - December 23

you might have cervical Spondylosis.
you just told me everything that i was experincing years ago and it is getting worse that my doctor gave me a tens unit for home use.
but it turned my stomache, because the nerves in my neck and surrounding muscles are are wacked out!
dont even know what caused it, they asked me if i was ever in an accident. the reply was NO never. but in 2000 i woke up with wiplash for no reason what so ever and went to the hospital, i had to wear a neckbrace fore a month!Our bodies are capable of the strangest things! I however do remember having a dream that i was swept up in a funnel tornado!! then the whiplash was there when i woke odd!



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