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anyone have these symptoms?
17 Replies
jrzgirl1 - October 12

I am past menopause and hot flashes for over 2 yrs, now all I do is sweat alot, my hands feel like they
are om fire, then I get chills, really is annoying plus all my muscles hurt and along with the pain through out my body, tiredness and depression. I recently had a endometrial biopsy, Normal results so that is one good thin, but I am exhausted when doing housework,laundry and cooking


Noca - October 13

I am not a female but I'm glad your biopsy results came back normal! I too have fatigue, widespread pain, and depression.


fibromite.u.k. - October 13

Hi, I passed the menopause nearly eight years ago and I am always sweating a lot, so much so that I am dripping with it and my son and husband say that I feel all cold and clammy. Even my clothes seem to stick to me. I have a friend who also has fibro and she is older than me and also gets this problem. Sometimes I end up going cold after it, but mostly I just stay hot. I have no idea what it is, other than just weakness. I also have the problems that you have.


Stacey373 - October 13

Hi jrzgirl1 - I'm 37 years old and constantly wondering if I'm starting early menopause. There are times when I get "hot flashes" or whatever it is...I suddenly break out in a sweat for no reason...and then I will get cold and clammy. I don't know if this could be another symptom of Fibro or if it's a hormone thing. Whatever it's not much fun! Have you had your hormone levels checked recently? Stacey :o)


Auvonto - October 13

I am the same age as Stacey373 and have the same thing. about 7 years ago this started. my dr thought that i may be going through premenopause. thats around the time that all of this started to begin and now every once in a while i'll start getting hot then cold and chills its a mess. maybe there is something to this and it is a part of the fibro. hum i'll have to ask my dr about this one. i used to take notes on all of my symptoms i have to revisit those notes and bring them to my new dr. there has got to be an explaination for all of the things we go through. i read on here that vitamin d def is part of this too and i was tested and yes it was extremely low i hope they soon find a reason as to why all of this happens to us. even though we have a name now there is still a frustration there because we dont know why.


chefbeth - October 13

Hey - I just watched my recording of the Dr. Oz show from the other day. One of the subjects was about hot flashes. He recommended SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptive Modulators) - they are sold over the counter. I have not been diagnosed with FM (see my doc tomorrow), so don't know how this might affect FM symptoms or medication interactions. He also mentioned the chilled pillows. I'm 46 and am sure that I am entering perimenopause - could be the reason for my brain fog! Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


axxie - October 14

You are never past menopause, you could be past your most classic symptoms of menopause, but what you are going through, is quite simply, a decline in female hormones hence you are still in menopause.

I have two doctors now, one who believes that women can take female hormones, providing they don't have cancer or that there is no close relatives such as mother or sister who have developed either breast cancer and/or female cancers.

I have been on progesterone skin base cream. The one that you rub on the inside of your arm, and you change location everyday. I'm 53 and I have been on my cream since spring, what a difference, I have much less pain from my fibro, and I'm less tired and no depression. Put it this way. Both my doctors who are male by the way, have concluded that 90% of fibro people are female and they believe that most of us have either a hormonal unbalance, have already gone through menopause or a combination of all or a thyroid and or perpetuity gland unbalance.

If you can get yourself a doctor who is not afraid to prescribe either estrogen or progesterin the skin based cream, would be better, the skin based cream is better because it doesn't enter your liver less risk or having liver scars.


axxie - October 14

sorry I wanted to conclude by saying that you may find that you may feel a whole lot better. It will never take away fibro, but may help your body feel less of the fibro, may regulate your thyroid or hormonal gland unbalance you will feel better.


jrzgirl1 - October 14

Thank you to all for replying, Yrs ago I took hormone therapy and it caused a ton of problems, I have 3 herniated discs and would get an attack of sciata, the Dr's always ordered doppler tests of my legs for blood clots, I stopped the hormones in1999 and went natural, yes it was not fun but they were ordering this test every few months, enough. God bless all of you for caring


jrzgirl1 - October 14

Thank yo so very much NOCA, it really means alot to me hearing it from a male, my husband has still not asked me what the results were, waiting to see if he says anything, am I being cruel, possibly but it has been 2 weeks


Stacey373 - October 14

I don't know if this relates to what you are dealing with...but I've been using the progesterone cream too and it works REALLY GOOD! I am VERY sensitive to hormones and can't take anything that has hormones in it. I've been having horrible periods that cause severe pain, cramping, headaches, and even my skin feels like hot needles are being poked into my stomach. My doctor had me try to the progesterone cream because that way I didn't have to take it every day (like birth control or pills) and I only have to use a little bit. I rub it on the back of my knees once a day for about 5-7 days each month.

I've been using this cream for about 3-4 months now and I haven't gotten a headache at all! for years it was guaranteed I would get a headache every month for a couple of days or more. This stuff is a miracle! It's even beginning to help with my cramps and the burning needles stuff.

Maybe you should talk to your doctor about this stuff and see if it might help with the problems you are having???

And for anyone else reading this....if you are dealing with bad periods.....try this works!

Take Care, Stacey :o)


lh2olady - October 14

I am also past menopause and sweat all the time. I go through stages of having hot flashes also. My back, knees, joints and headaches have gotten worse also. I am finding that when I am stressed all my symptoms seem to flare up, even hurts to walk when I get out of bed. Not sure if I have FM, have not found a Dr to go to. Glad to hear your biopsy came out fine! All I can say is I can relate. I am going to accupuncture and my IBS has gotten 95% better. It is suppose to help many symptoms.


lh2olady - October 14

axxie---do you get the cream from the Dr. or can you get it over the counter??


jasezoo - October 16

I went through the menopause many years ago but I also experience this awful sweating and then chills afterwards,which I believe is the "flu symptoms" that is caused by Fibromyalgia.I also suffer from depression,widespread pain,cfs and fibrofog.


Stacey373 - October 16

lh20lady - I use progesterone cream that I bought over the counter at my local small town pharmacy. I actually don't even know if you can get it in prescription form. The stuff I have just says "Progesterone Cream 1000mg" on the jar. I just rub a tiny bit on the back of both of my knees and it really does help ALOT. Talk to your doctor about it before you actually use don't want to use too much or have a bad interaction with whatever else you are taking.

Hope this helps, Stacey :o)


axxie - October 17

lh2olady, I got a prescription from the doctor, you go to a compound pharmacy. If you can't get your doctor to prescribe, there are a number of online who sell compound creams. I believe one is called SERM sold over the counter. But don't know which pharmacies have them. I think SERM has been talked about on Dr. Show or Dr. Oz show, I believe that Oprah has also talked about it at one point. I know that Dr. Phill show they talked about a coumpound hormonal cream, actually his wife was talking about it, but that last year, if I remember correctly.


axxie - October 17

lh2olady, you have to be careful with that stuff, don't want to use to much, especially if you havent had a hysterectomy, as you may start bleeding, like menstruation.

I know mine is prescription strenght and my insurance paid for it, I was suppose to use 1/4 teaspoon, but proved to be to strong, so we reduced it to 1/16th use it on my inner arm. Once a month, I'm allowed to put the cream in my female parts (I hope I'm not embarrassing anyone) anyway, it helps with the dryness, and found since using the cream, I'm not as dry, and it hurts less when having intercourse. It's not a miracle cream, it's a good to have, especially when you have fibro, I just feel I have more stamina, and seem to think clearer. I'm not on any depressant, I've been off them for about 6 or 8 months now, and I don't want to go back on them, everyone of them I tried, I had real bad experience. Doctor say's it's not for everyone. A funny story, is my neighboor was taken Cymbalta, and she got arrested for shoplifting and her husband was not impressed, anyway I got to talking to her and she was wondering why she had done it, and it's only after she told me she was on Cymbalta that I put two and two together. Anyway, she tells me while she was on Cymbalta, the lowest dose she would get aggressive and would not be able to be accountable for anything, she said she felt she was mentally possessed.
Anyway, I told her that she needed to see her doctor and tell them what had happened, sure enought the doctor told her that in some patients, they go through, like speeding with their cars, come aggressive, and shoplift.
The good thing, is the doctor wrote a letter, to the store and they lifted her shoplifting ticket.
I'm glad for her, must not be funny, she said that I had not told her to see her doctor, she would have probablly continued. I know for a fact there was one medication I was on, and I was thinking that I could probably drive underneath a tracter trailer, and that I had views of killing myself by leaving the car running in the garage. That's when I talked to my girlfriend who by the way is bipolar, she encouraged me to see the doctor that same day. I went and told my story to the doctor and she helped me getting off the medication. Then about a 16 months after stopping taking these prescription I went into a depression, I got help for that, and then about two years ago, I went through another depression, it's all because I took depressants. So now they only way is to give me hormones so tha I don't go through another depression.

I'm better now, but trust me, I still have pain, and I'm still confused, and I make loads of mistakes, and I'm tired, but generally I feel much better.

Good luck to you



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