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Anyone have showers just wear you out?
18 Replies
Noca - March 2

My body has really poor thermoregulation. Any change in temperature of even the slightest makes me sick. From one room to the next, from a having a shower to cooling down, I feel really wiped out, dizzy, and weak.


kvc33 - March 2

I get those symptoms too but I don't think it is just from the temperature change. I find that taking a shower is a physical workout for me. I now keep them short and have a glass of water afterwards and that helps. Showers remove water from the body and actually dehydrate it.


Jocelyn - March 3

Hi Noca,

I am assuming that you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia....that being said...
as kvc33 has explained above, the physical task of taking a shower can wear you down and make you feel unwell. I take baths because I feel standing up is too stressful for me.

I have also found that heat in itself, hot bath water,(that feels so good for the pain) and the summer heat, for me, brings out, what you call, a wiped out feeling. My cousin has a hot tub and many times after shopping in the winter time, she knows I am in pain from the Fibro, she suggests that we go in her hot tub. So, I do, but when I come out, I feel awful. My body feels overheated and can't cool down, dizziness, along with just a feeling of sickness stays with me for about an hour and then it slowly ebbs away. I do drink plenty of water during this time. In my office at work, it is sometimes so hot it makes me flush like a hot flash, but it is not a hot flash and I do feel sick. Once I go to a cooler place it goes away. I like to sleep in a cooler environment with lots of blankets to keep me warm. In the summer time I have to take care to not get over heated in the sun because my reaction is to feel very sick and unwell until I can cool down.

Now...the cold, especially, the winter cold, bothers me too. Especially my legs. The cold makes the blood vessels contract and cause me pain. I seem to be in more pain during the winter than the summer.

Everyone is so different and each person has different reactions to different stimulus...but it all comes down to you figuring out how to get around it. You are already aware of what makes you feel awful, now try to find a way around it. I know it is easier said then done, especially in a work environment. It is kind of a trial and error sort of thing.

Good luck and let me know how you are doing.


January - March 14

When I'm suffering from fatigue problems, a shower wears me out! I never thought about the thermoregulation angle!! Duh… It makes sense.

Last year, during the summer, I remember we had a lot of conversations going on here about how many of us had worse pain when the weather was hot and the humidity high. I am SO glad this winter wasn't really bad, because winter is hard on us too.


navydad - March 15

Showers tear me up,, I cant tolerate the water beating on me, and yes cold makes my legs and arms feel like cold jello,, they just dont work, clothese bother me,, yesterday it got to about 76,, and the sun felt like it was buring me alive,, that being said,, I need to remind everyonethat not all is fibro,, I suffered for almost 4 years before i got a Dx of small fiber neuropathy,, they can do all the EMG test they want,, and it wont show up,, only when a punch biopsy of the skin is done will it show nerve damage,, symptoms are the same as what you think is fibro,, the enviroment is killing us,, cold, heat,IBS, pain in the muscles,, not just the trigger points,, but i;m talking body wide jerking pain that makes you want to reach for a gun,, just saying,, dont blame everything in fibro,, and good luckgetting the correct Dx,, I know every day I struggle with staying upright,,


January - March 15

Navydad, thanks so much for your posts about small fiber neuropathy and getting a punch test. I'm sure you have helped a lot of people. I've been on this site over a year, and I don't remember reading anything about this diagnosis, but I've read a lot of posts about the skin pain from some very frustrated people!


Jocelyn - March 16

Skin pain is a problem for a lot of people, me included at one time. For some odd reason, my skin is not as painful as it was two year ago. I guess I traded for other pains. The punch biopsy is something I never heard of either. Glad you brought it up. I don't believe a lot of test that are done really show what is wrong on the inside. You have to look inside to find the answers. Then again, that will cause us all more pain, so it is a difficult decision on what to do.

Thanks for adding to this forum.


archie8 - March 16

This is interesting about showers. I have found that I only take very short showers now. Much shorter than I used to as I feel I cant breathe and get so hot even if the water is only warm. It fatigues me also. After I have showered my face is flushed and I sweat so much it is embarrassing. My face and scalp just drip with persperation so much that I take a facewasher in my handbag to mop up. This lasts for about half an hour but it feels so much longer. I always seem to have a wet hair line at the back of my neck from persperation. At night as soon as I get into bed I want to strip my nightie off and just lie under the ceiling fan...thank goodness I live alone....not a pretty sight. My doona is my worst enermy. I guess my regulatory system is stuffed. It is not very attractive mopping up sweat all the time. I hate overheated offices, noise especially that insane music they play when you are shopping, and bright lights. Noise that bothers me is often not even noticed by other people....I think music played in shops and even out in the open malls is pollution. Others just think I am cranky. Sorry I got off the subject of the shower but I have had a nice time venting...I am so glad I found this site.


archie8 - March 16

I just though I would add I AM NOT MENOPAUSAL so it has nothing to do with that...I am 65 and well past all that.


January - March 16

Archie - you sound like you might be a "Highly Sensitive Person" - more sensitive to all kinds of stimuli. Google Dr. Elaine Aron. She has written books about us - we are also more sensitive to pain. The good side is we are more creative, and more sensitive to the feelings of other people!

Just have to add, this is one thing I love about this forum. I was wondering what the heck was wrong with me, that I have to sit down and rest after a simple shower. Now I read on here that other people have the same problem, and it might be due to thermoregulation. How interesting! Not beating myself up about this anymore. It is what it is. I'll just rest if I need to and consider it OK.


kvc33 - March 17

I sometimes have difficulty breathing in the shower too and it feels like it is because of the steam. I know I can take lukewarm showers if I want to but I have to balance that with my liking fairly warm water on my muscles. Sometimes I have sweaty armpits after a shower and wonder why i bothered. On my bad days I simply don't shower at all, I just can't. I'm fortunate that I don't smell bad.


Jocelyn - March 19

From the trail of the e-mail resutls, I believe we can all agree that hot showers/baths are a problem for Fibro people. The hot water is great for the muscle pain, but awful for breathing in steam and over heating our systems. Our nerves, including our nervous system which controls all of these functions is over sensitive and over active. I wish we could find a happy medium. I do like other people said above. I take a HOT bath for my muscles, but I make it quick because I will over heat and feel sick. My husband keeps telling me I should soak longer for my muscles. I tell him, you've got to be kidding, I would feel so sick if I did that. He also thought a hot tub would be good for me, I nixed that idea. Don't waste money on something I will not use. I told him if he wants to use it he can buy one for himself, but it was so nice he offered :).

As far as sweating, I have Sjogren's on top of Fibro so sweating is very hard for me to do, so when I get overheated I feel little stinging things all over my body where the sweat should be, then it itches until I wipe it dry. I have no idea where that comes from or why that happens.

I have found some summer relief. We have a heated pool and I have found that if you heat it to about 88 degrees, it is great on the muscles and you can swim without getting cold. However, if it is a 90 degree day with the sun shining and the pool gets up to 90, then the heat and water make you feel sick. At that point I wait until the sun goes down then I jump in and enjoy. The pool is the only place I feel no pain. You are weightless and no pressure on your body feels great. Sometimes I look like a prune when I get out, that is because my brain knows that when my feet hit the stairs for me to walk out of the pool, the pain is going to be real bad, so my brain keeps telling me know to get out of the pool! I'm not kidding, I fight with myself in order to get out. There is such a short time you actually can feel no pain and I just don't want to feel it, but that is not the reality of the situation! Sorry, got way of track. Good luck to all!


Painfulpam - March 22

I believe it is just the exertion of showering that wears me out, not the heat. I need to rest and cool off before trying to blow dry my hair. I never show the day I'm planning to go out or i'll never have the stamina to leave the house.
I definitely have thermoregulation problems...I'm either sweating like crazy or chilling in the clothes d p fom sweat lol. No happy medium for me, I wake a couple times a night drenched in sweat even with the houseat 65 in the winter

I also love warm water pool to do gentle exercise...the only place the pain & immobility is less of an issue with my major joint problems. I need 90 degrees or need to ear a swin jacket to prevent severe muscle spasms . A hot tub is wonderful for me to get my muscles to settle down & my joints to loosen up too but I drink water the entire time Im in warm water and cool down on the steps before standing. Unfortunately, my reactive muscles tighten up a cople hours out of the pool so I ned to allow for that.
Those that believe in the endocrine system causes of Fibro/CFIDS have found it to often be linked to Adrenal deficiency. We each have to try different things to find what works for us and doesn 't work by trying it.


January - March 23

Wow, painfulpam, you sound like me! It's so helpful to share information on this site and hear what others are going through. My legs are freezing cold during the day, even under blankets and with the heat on. But at night, I have to turn the AC way down so I don't wake up with night sweats! My acupuncturist told me to keep my feet warm and my head cool -- but my normal state is just the opposite.

Like you, I have to plan ahead to shower because it exhausts me. I also remember being on this site last summer, and the days when the heat and humidity spiked, people came on complaining that their pain levels were worse. Considering the weather we've had, I was grateful we didn't have much winter, but I sure hope we aren't in for a monster summer….

One thing I wanted to share with you. I take a lot of vitamins/minerals and supplements that I've researched, and they really help. However, over the winter, I got sloppy about taking them regularly. I changed my brand of vitamins and minerals - perhaps had very different doses. Anyway, I began to get serious cramps in my legs - the kind that are intensely painful until you stretch the muscle out. I went back to the big mineral tablets I used to take - and the cramps went away.


January - March 23

Uh oh… just went back and reread some of my previous posts on this thread, and see I've repeated myself here. Just bear with me! It will pass…. LOL!


Jocelyn - March 23

I too have problems regulating heat. I've come into my house with our fireplace going and it is 78% and my husband is dying of heat and I find it just right, then other times, I am dying of heat and can't stand it. No happy medium. I sleep in cool temps with lots of blankets to throw on and off all night. I do love the pool too. We heat ours as well and between 88-90 is great. 90 is a bit much when the heat hits 90 so I swim when the sun goes down. There is no joint pain in water so you can stay in it all day long, however, the minute I step up onto the stairs to get out, the pain comes rushing back. In order to prevent this I am working with a PT to get my muscles strong enough so that when I step out of the water the pain will be bearable. So far I am starting to walk again, and I am building up so nice edurace. It is a lot of work and painful at times, but I was scared I was going to end up in a wheel chair because my body spasms and pains were so bad I couldn't walk or sit, lying down was all I could do and even that hurt after a while. So, I am finally make progress, slow and steady, so as not to hit a flare.

Oh, and I too, can wake up with sweats when it is cold in the room, then I am freezing. You just can't win!


kvc33 - March 23

I find that night sweats don't have much to do with the temperature of the room. I get them when I am particularly stressed and at PMS time.



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