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Anyone have non-explained persistant aneamia?
6 Replies
fibromite.u.k. - February 7

Hi to all, I have been having aneamia on and off now for about five years. I am given iron pills and it gets better, but within about 3 months or even less the aneamia comes back. I have had numourous tests to see if I am bleeding inside, 3 endoscopies, 1 colonoscopy, a barium meal test and a capsule endoscopy, all of which have found nothing. Therefore, it seems to remain a mystery as to why it keeps happening.

I just wondered if anyone else on the forum, has had experience of this, or can throw any light on the subject. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thank-you.


Jocelyn - February 23


Yes, I have had anemia throughout my life. Like you said, it comes and goes. I do not take iron pills, so if it works for you then maybe you should stay on them. All my autoimmune problems cause my anemia. At the moment, with no iron, I am finally not anemic. I'm sure that won't last for long. Many people with chronic illnesses have anemia, the body just doesn't function correctly. Iron bothers my stomach, so I'm glad I don't have to take it. I try to eat iron enriched foods. That helps too.


Kristina17 - March 1

Yes, I've had iron deficiency anaemia for a long time on and off and I don't absorb iron it seems so it got to the point where I needed iron infusions and that kept me going for a while. I kept that iron in ok but iron supplements don't work.


kvc33 - March 1

I don't know what kind of iron pills you are taking but the inexpensive ones are very poorly absorbed. Try a liquid iron supplement made from natural sources called Floradix.


fibromite.u.k. - March 1

Hi, thank-you for all your input into this. I have seen a hospital doctor this morning about it all. He says that he is sure it is what is called "Anemia of Chronic Disease". He says that many people with rhuematic problems (of which fibromyalgia is one), get unexplained aneamia and so do people with auto-immune diseases (as one person above has mentioned). I do have several auto-immune diseases as well as fibro, and the possibility of R.A. as well, so I think that is the reason for it all.

As from now he says for me to have three-monthly blood tests and to take an iron pill every day. The pills I have are what my doctor prescribes and seem to get my iron levels up when I take them.


Jocelyn - March 3


I'm glad you were able to get some solid answers from your doctor. I know it always helps me when my doctor can give me an answer to something that is worrying me. It help elevate the anxiety of worry...what is wrong now!


t3apps - March 12

I have also had iron deficiency anemia due to non-absorption. It almost landed me in the hospital in 2007 before we identified the problem - I don't absorb iron after having bariatric surgery. In 2007, we went straight to the iron infusions, and after having 10 over a 2-month period, I was back on the lower end of normal. I spent the next 2.5 years worrying every time I was really tired or achy that I was anemic again, and every time the doctor checked it, I was still holding normal. In the last 2 years, since my FMS flared enough for diagnosis, we haven't been checking it and, sure enough, my bloodwork in February put me back in the danger category (I even got a red ALERT on the results page - I've never seen that before!). My new hematologist has me scheduled for an iron absorption test tomorrow (3/13), just to see if I can absorb it; I am not holding my breath. I figure when I see him in a couple of weeks to discuss the results, I will end up back on the infusion schedule.

Everything I have seen about iron absorption in my searches says to take it with Vitamin C (such as orange juice) and not with carbonated drinks, coffee or any other stimulant. I was also surprised to learn that the sore I have on the side of my mouth, which I thought was simply dry, cracked lips that had split, is actually a symptom of the anemia. There were other symptoms in the list - check

I hope you can get your anemia under some sort of control - it just compounds many of the FMS symptoms when it is out of balance (along with Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, etc).




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