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Anyone have Jaw Pain?
8 Replies
bmcgovern - May 11

I have had jaw pain for a while now, but recently it's been hurting so much and i can't stand it. I am going to a chiropractor for my back and neck today, but i am not sure if they can help my jaw and i have a doctor's appointment later this month, which i am going to mention this. Does anyone else have pretty bad jaw pain and if so is there anything that can relieve the pain?


lucky13 - May 11

I have it, for me I don't chew a lot of gum, also if it hurts more in the AM, then you may be gritting your teeth at night which can make the pain worse, to help this you can sleep with a mouth gaurd in, something cheap from the sports section will work just fine.
Talk to your Dr about it when you go later this month, TMJ, I believe, is what cuases jaw pain and goes along with Fibro


Noca - May 11

Never really had jaw pain before. Sometimes it locked and snapped, but that went away. I would however get a lot of jaw clenching on past meds like Adderall XR, but thats common with stimulants. Sorry I couldn't be more help.


Fantod - May 11

bmcgovern - Take a look at "myofacial pain" under associated conditions in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. You probably have TMJ. The fix for this is a bite split that is worn at night to keep you from clenching and grinding your teeth. I've had one for years. You need to see your dentist about this problem. It is much cheaper to spend money on a bite splint than it is to fix all of the teeth that will be damaged by bruxism. Take care.


moodyme - May 12

hey bmcgovern, can relate to the jaw pain. meds will do this as well will stress! mine is do to stress (i think) more so right now, but i do not want to rule out heart!! woman & heart disease is over looked (doctors are getting better at it now) more so than with men. dont for get to let your doctor know about this jaw pain & have her check your ticker. also chiropractor can help with myofacial pain. good luck.


Fantod - May 12

moodyme - You make an excellent point about jaw pain, women and heart disease. Women are frequently misdiagnosed when it comes to heart disease. This is something that should also be throughly investigated as a possibilty.


canadacalling - May 12

I understand bmcgovern, as I have had it for years, the best thing as mentioned by Fantod was the bite splint, I tried one at the sports store but it was impossible. The one I have was made by a dentist, and it sure does help, because of all the damage you can do clenching..and chawing away at the teeth in your sleep. It also helps when driving a long way. Just a further to the good information Fantod told you. She is a wealth of knowledge and so nice giving it out as well. Good people here....!!!


Gabbie - May 13

I have to agree that it is probably TMJ. I've had it for years and it can cause not only jaw pain, but headaches and pain down the side of the neck. I don't know if it's from the fibro in my cause because I started with it many years before having fibro symptoms. Maybe that was the start of it? Anyway, I have been treated by a chiropractor and it really helped a lot. He puts pressure on each side of the jaw below the earlobe and pushes down until I can actually hear a "click". Yea, it sounds awful, but it really worked for me. I was able to avoid having that mouth guard thing with occasional treatment and as told by my dentist also, staying away from chewing gum, biting into an apple etc. I wish you well.


belle1329 - May 13

HI I do have tmj but not haveing much jaw pain these days. But I am experiencing hot and cold sensitivity on my teeth, anyone else? Im not sure if its from the osteo meds I was on and took myself off because of awful side effect or fibro, just wondering Thanks :)



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