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Anyone have Costochondritis?
11 Replies
bmcgovern - December 11

I am not sure if i have it i have not gone to the doctors for it. The symptoms i am experiencing are the chest pains, My sternum is painful, the bones are painful, I am so tender. Sometimes i feel like my chest is burning,just hurts my whole chest. I have looked Costochondritis up and it said that these are some of the symptoms. It doesn't happen everyday just some days are worse than others. If you do have it what do you do for the pain?


chucksusanandgrace - December 11

Hi there,
I was diagnosed with costochondritis about 3 weeks ago. I too had burning in my chest and in my back area. I was very sore and it hurt to move. Since then, the burning sensation has radiated on and off in my arms, legs, breasts, back, etc. I think it might be part of fibromyalgia.

I am going to the Rhuematologist & Nuerologist in early January and hope to get an official diagnoses.

They told me you can use crushed ice but put a towel under it. You can do that for 10 minutes. I personally found that heating pads help me. Ibuprofin is helpful, but doesn't really take away the burning, just the pain.


Canada17 - December 11

I read somewhere that people with FM tend to breathe improperly. When we breathe, our bellies are supposed to move in and out, not our chest. And certainly our shoulders should not move up and down. This can lead to chest pain and pain in the sternum (I had it in spades).

I started to control my breathing and made conscious efforts to breathe with my belly. The pain in my sternum is gone and my chest pain is less frequent. (But chest pain is another symptoms unto itself with FM).

Hope that helps...


bmcgovern - December 11

Thanks for the advice.
That does help hearing what other people do. I am trying to get my breathing under control i just need to think about it when i breathe. I have been having a lot of back pain in between my shoulder blades and am wondering if they could trigger the pain in the chest does anyone else have that problem?


Fantod - December 12

Yep - I woke up with it this morning - an early Christmas present.... It has been brutally cold here and I am sure that is what set me off (again). I use Arnica gel from the health food store and a heating pad. There is not much you can do about it other than wait for it to go away. It only hurts when I breathe.... Take care.


Canada17 - December 12

I have pain between my shoulder blades too, which does get worse when my chest pain gets worse. Usually it's just because I have been hunched over some project at work without even realizing it.

I have to remember to have good posture and try to relax...almost two opposite things. I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck so it gets real tight back there.

Stretches and good back support are key.


sulydi - December 12

I have the same symptoms, both the chest pain, and the pain in my back. It comes and goes. I use a heating pad, and tylenol muscle pain relief. They both help, but don't always take it away completely. Sometimes I find that I get it more when stressed. Hope this helps.
Take care,


iliveinpain - December 14

I think this is exactly what I had this morning. I've had it before, but really bad today, I think cause the weather changed again. Anyway I got up for work with what felt like SEVERE heartburn. So I was getting ready to go to work and thinking that maybe I should go to the hospital. I really thought I might be having a heart attack. I took some mylanta, and coffee was out of the question. So anyway, I decided to go in to work cause I felt I'd be better off around people in case something really serious was going on. I didn't want to be home alone and would just be more anxious if I was. On the drive in, it got really bad, and I kind of pressed on my chest wall, and OMG it HURT! I started like pressing against the chest wall at several different places and just basically breathed thru the pain. It got instantly better, so it was obviously a muscular pain, fibro related again, of course. When I got to work I took tylenol. It's better now, 4 hours later. weird huh? Ya just never know what you're going to wake up to living day to day in fibro-land.


Noca - December 14

When breathing in normally, our diaphram flattens and moves down, intercostal bones and ribs move up and out (opposite for breathing out), this is our tidal volume.

During maximum inspiration/expiration (breathing in and out abnormally as much as we can), we use muscles of our back, chest, and neck. This is termed our vital capacity.

Maybe those with FM breathe as much as they can rather than breathing normally.


Canada17 - December 14

That is an interesting look at it.

I remember when I was seeing a chiropractor he told me that people tend to breathe improperly because breathing normally can make us look "fat" and because of that a lot of people breathe improperly because they are sucking their stomach in to look "skinny"

He then went on to tell me if you look at a baby breathing, only their stomach moves. If your shoulders are moving, you're breathing wrong.


1joyjoh0624 - December 17

originally when I was diagnosed with Costochondritis I had intense chest pain in one area. Years later I found out that this was related to my Fibromyalgia. The pain affects all of my ribs now, front and back. I also have severe pain in my sternum and upper stomach area. this pain is sharp and instense. unfortunately when it flares up I have found little relief. I am currently seeing a pain management doctor and he is going to try to address this issue with trigger point injections. the only thing i know of that can help is ice when it starts to flare, then heat. no pain medicine i have tried works.


bmcgovern - December 28

Does anyone get any pain in there stomach or back area that triggers the pain in the chest if so what do you do? My stomach is not feeling very well and it started to hurt my chest do you have to get the other pain to calm down first to get the pain in the chest relieved?



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