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Anyone have a pain pump?
7 Replies
Noca - February 27

Anyone have a surgically implanted pain pump? Its a pump that is implanted into a chronic pain patient's body that delivers IV opioid pain killers directly into the patient's bloodstream whenever they need it.

Does anyone have one?


belle1329 - April 28

no sorry never heard of one, only heard of a tens unit. that you wear and it helps with pain in area


firomama - May 7

No but ive seen info on it and im very curious about it myself. theres alot like location of pump, maintaince, med refills...that i dont understand,


axxie - May 7

No doctor in is right mind would prescribe one for Fibro.

My father in-law could'nt even get one, when he was at home prior to dying of cancer.

I remember back a few decades ago I heard of this pump, but Gov closed that down real fast when they had family members steal the opiods.....

Ask your doctor and you'll see him, raise his eyebrows in Canada. I would think that the State you wouldn't get it either, insurance liabilities.


Noca - May 7

I wasn't suggesting it for fibro but the other illnesses like chronic back pain from disks or scollosis etc.


toots2889 - May 8

Ive had herinated discs in my back and neck for about 15yrs.Ive never once heard a dr. offer that nor would I want him to. I think thats a very dangerous thing to even consider, and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone. I feel youd be looking for trouble to go this route.
Hey Axxie!!! Im back. Ive missed you to. Hope everything is going good for you.


Fantod - May 8

It is possible to get a pain pump here in the US but I am quite sure it takes some wrangling to get approval. A pain management specialist would be the doctor to see to be approved for one. And, it would probably be the last resort after everything else has been tried. At my pain specialist's office there are always patients with pain pumps waiting to be seen. Take care.


axxie - May 10

Transdermal patch would be more benficial, the transdermal patch is designed to deliver medication slowly through the skin for a long period of time, from 48 to 72 hours. Duragesic®, a transdermal patch that contains the opioid fentanyl, is commonly used to treat chronic cancer pain, and it is available in a variety of strengths.

Infusion pump
This method administers pain medications through a catheter near the spine. The other end is connected to a pump with pain medication that is programmed to deliver medication over a period of time. These pumps can be placed internally or externally. Infusion pumps may be an efficient and effective choice if your cancer-related pain is expected to last for a long time.

Fantod what you are talking about is a pain pump that is used to transmit lenacain through the spine, they are used after surgery, patient usually is set up with it, and after a few weeks the pump is discarded.

The medical community either in the US or Canada, Sweeden, and other EU countries, condon all pain pumps, as long term, except if you happen to be a cancer patient.

Did say my father in-law disn't have access, sorry to say he was permanently attached to one until he passed away. The pain management would evaluate his pain and adjust and change or combine pain medication. It was quite difficult at the end, since he died of bones cancer. The most painful cancer there is, I was told. The man braved on no matter what, up and until the end. God love him. He was a gentle soul.



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