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Anyone got Chronic Myofascial Pain
7 Replies
Heather - October 2

Hello..I know that this is a fibromyalgia forum, but I know that myofascial pain syndrome can also be connected with it...I have chronic myofascial pain and am wondering if anyone else has this..or does anyone know a good forum for CMP sufferers to visit. I like this one, but I have lots of questios about my trigger points, which is somewhat like the fibro tender points! Regardless, I still suffer with pain like many of you do but I'd like some advice about releasing my trigger points!!!


Jean - September 22

I have myofascial Pain Syndrome also. In order to release your trigger points you can see a physical therapist and this can take several visits. You can also see a message specialist but they are also expensive. I do not really know for sure if you can get rid of all the trigger points. I do not know if they would come back in the same spot. I have done this twice and still do not show that much relief in doing this. Muscle relaxers can help but be careful how you use them. Also, to do it yourself you can use tennis balls up against the wall to apply the needed pressure to relieve these trigger points. I will tell you that it is no picnic and it hurts so basically it is what you can endure. i hope this helps, let me know. [email protected]


Heather - September 23

Thanks for the advice...I read all about the tennis ball thing, but never tried it. My trigger points (2 in particular) have been latent for months now...but I believe I have developed a new one in my SCM muscle, not sure though. However, I have managed to teach my husband how to massage my trigger points, and I am fortunate enough that it really helps, so I haven't had to seek out physical therapy, although I am sure one day I will if it progresses or I develop more. Anyways, just wanted to know if there were others out there who had this disorder because everyone I know is clueless and I am tired of tryinng to explain myself....Thanks!


Jean - September 23

Well I know what you mean. That is why I came to this site because I meet people who have the same problems as myself and it helps to just help and talk about it to people who understand. I'm glad I could help. Take care.


Jennifer - September 30

Yes, I have Myofascial Pain Syndrome due to a rear-end motor vehicle accident. Medical massage therapy with a caring, gentle massage therapist has helped tremendously. Also, you can see a doctor who performs trigger point injections with local anesthetic medications, or sometimes, even a dry needle. You can also ask your physician to prescribe a TENS unit (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator). It's like a tiny box with electrodes that massages your muscles and relieves the pain. I have found that many doctors and physical therapists no nothing about myofascial pain syndrome.


[email protected] - October 2

I agree Jennifer. It seems they try to play it off with just Fibromyalgia and that hurts if you try for SSD. They can't seem to understand that it is two conditions.


Pip UK - October 2

Try Bowen Therapy if you can. See my recent post "Unusual treatment worked for me"
Info about the treatment and worldwide search on


Friday - October 2

Everyone, please don't confuse myofascial TRIGGER points with FMS TENDER points. They are two completely different animals. Massaging an FMS TENDER point will only cause you pain with no results. I have recently found a LOT of relief using TRIGGER point massage on the scalene muscles in my neck. The FMS is still there, to be sure, but within a week of starting TRIGGER point massage, my upper-body pain levels dropped from a daily average of 7 to a daily average of 3!!! I'm under the care of a physical therapist, but most of what I've done myself I found in The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. ( ) I'm not a salesman, just a happy camper!



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