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Anyone get lightheaded?
9 Replies
bmcgovern - December 19

Today is a bad day for me. I am super lightheaded and it's making me so sick to my stomach. Does anyone know anything to take that helps lightheadedness calm down or go away?


solanadelfina - December 19

My spells seem to be caused by stress, not getting enough sleep, and needing to get something in my belly. Taking frequent snack breaks, 'lie down' breaks and starting on amitriptylene has gotten rid of most of mine.


Noca - December 19

Taking in sugar and cold liquids usually helps my lightheadedness.


bmcgovern - December 20


I wish i could have sugar, but i am so sensitive to it any bit of sugar makes me sick. I have never taken Amitriptlene. What is that? I have noticed when i am lightheaded when i lay down its ok but sitting up is horrible. I am doing better today. I don't get this way everyday but when i do i get it pretty bad usually last a day then by the next i am ok. Thanks for the advice. :)


solanadelfina - December 20

Sure. Amitriptylene is a common drug prescribed for us to help get a good night's sleep. It works wonders for some of us, but as always, not for everyone.

It'd probably be a good idea to run it by your doc, just to make sure that there's nothing else going on. I went to a neurologist and got a CAT scan and another type, to make sure there was nothing hiding. Low blood sugar, low blood pressure, getting up too fast, not enough of certain nutrients- all of those can contribute.


Beone - December 20

Hi bmcgovern
there are many different things that can cause this condition, scattered thinking is one, Ive been having a similar problem lately, You need to ground your energy field, standing on the grass with bear feet can help, also eating heavy food can also help, wear a hematite or smoke quartz crystal will also help. drink plenty of water and keep your body salts up when you do this. see how you go. all the best,


bmcgovern - December 21

Thanks everyone,

I will try and see what i can do.


axxie - December 21

It could be an inner ear problem, sometimes get the best of me, then it's really bad, it just shows up and leave whenever.


gzusrox - December 21

for the last 3 years i have been dizzy and feeling like the room is spinning, luckily most of the time i have been sitting down. the episodes are getting worse and i get clumsy and get dizzy and i cant walk without holding onto the wall.


Canada17 - December 22

When I complained about this to my doctor she was concerned that I wasn't getting enough protein. That wasn't the issue, we still have yet to determine the exact cause though we suspect it's another gift from the Fibro Fairy!



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