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Anyone feel like this? Newly diagnosed
5 Replies
klambert17 - June 18

Hi everyone,
I posted about two months ago when I thought I had fibro and finally had it confirmed within the last week or two.
I was wondering if you have had the feeling of just being sick. I have noticed I get that headachy sick like I have the touch of the flu sometimes. My muscles hurt more in my legs, and stomach. The tender spots never go away. Now I have pains in both my arms, sometimes they will all of a sudden hurt in one area then stop. My joints stay sore, esp my feet. It's kinda weird cause my upper body doesnt bother me as much as my lower body. Maybe cause I work these muscles more?
I don't know if this will get worse or not. Has anyone's symptoms gotten worse with age? I don't have all the diagnosing tender spots, but they come on with more stress. In the last 2 days the inner arm at the elbow crease, the joints hurt!! and I have a tender spot of each arm, and of course shooting pain in the arms.
I guess everyone's symptoms are different. So far I haven't found anything to help the pain except for a good nights sleep, but as soon as I get up and get to moving the soreness is there. I was on vacation last week and I told myself that I was gonna work outside and really use the muscles to see if it would help. Well, I have a pretty yard now and alot of work went into it, but still feel the same! lol! So increase in exercise/working didn't help.
I do have memory problems bad! and I feel tired all the time. I still work and pretty much function normally otherwise.

Thanks for all of your advice and answers!
Take care and God bless,


Noca - June 18

You take any medication for your fibromyalgia? Everyone's symptoms are going to be different to a degree, but most everyone with FMS has wide spread pain and fatigue. The meds can help alleviate some of those symptoms caused by FMS.


Myriam - June 18

Hi Karen,
I have had Fibro only for a month or two, but I understands how you feel. I feel everyday like I have a fcold or flu coming on. My pain level is low compared to some others on this forum. I hurt mostly in my feet, legs, hands, wrists and shoulders. But it moves around and changes in intensity. I have a hard time with excercising. But you need to do a little at a time, and never over do it. I over sis it two weeks ago and I just can't bring myself to excercise again but I am too scared I will hurt again as much. I don't take any meds ye. Mainly because I want to get pregnant soon and the meds are not safe for a baby. But after, I may try one of the sleep aid like lyrica. When i really hurt, a hot bath helps me. I take multi vitamins now and vit D. Also, I was advise to take omega 3 and glucosamine. I have not been taking that, but it may work. Anyway, like everyone else on this board, you will find the best way for you. Because we all have different symptoms at different level, your self care and medication will depend on what you think may be necessary. Hope it help a little,
Take care, Myriam


Stacey373 - June 19

Hi Karen!

The first thing you should always remember is that "over doing" it or "pushing" yourself seems to be the worse thing you can do with Fibro. I have a hard time remembering this...I spent the last 6 months trying to be "Super Mom" and I paid for it every day. Personally, I have a hard time limiting myself. The other day I was feeling pretty good so I decided to steam clean my carpets. My husband kept telling me to take it easy and not "over do it" but I wanted to get it done (because who knows if I will feel good enough to do it tomorrow). I never did finish and ever since my body has been aching and my back is killing me.

My point is...the more you push yourself, the more you are damaging your body and the more pain you will be in. There seems to be a very fine line that we are always trying to balance on.

I think most of us take alot of medications.....prescription pain pills, sleeping meds, muscle relaxers, and anti-depressants. These seem to be the "norm" for people with FMS. And alot of people take one of the actual Fibro meds too. (lyrica, savella, and 1 more I can't remember) If you are not taking anything, you should really talk to your doctor about it. As I've learned and keep hearing on this forum, over the counter meds don't work!

I know how hard this all can be to deal with. I do believe that my symptoms have gotten worse with age...but I don't know if that's normal for everyone or not. The way I always describe the constant "aching" is like having the flu times 10! And the other pains seem to always be changing....right now I've been having problems with my lower back, hip, and legs. But other times it's my shoulders, neck, and arms. and sometimes it's All of the Above!

I think you just have to figure out what is "over doing it" for You. I was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago and I'm still trying to figure out what I can or can't do and "experimenting" with what is too much for me. Finding the right meds is also an "experimental project" too. Sometimes I still feel like a "science experiment"

So talk to your doctor and don't give up. Stay positive and be thankful for the good days and try to deal with the bad. I hope this helps you...

Stacey :o)


snowflurree - June 20

Well I have had Fibro for 7 years now and this year has been the worst ever. Now my elbows, tops of my shoulders hurt along with my lower calves, knees and of course my ribs, front and back and the muscles in all these areas. I swear some days I want to end it all. My kids have no idea that I feel like this as I hide it well when I am around them. I take 300 pain pills a month (150 Viconen and 150 Fiornal) and it barely takes the edge off. What helps me is that I have some strong cancer pain meds that were my hubbys "he has since passed" and my doctor does not know this but I take 1/4 of one pill on some days when I think I am going to die of the pain. It is called methadone. I am reluctant to tell her that I take this. You have to actually go into a doctors office and pick up this prescription each time you need it. At least that is what the procedure was when my poor hubby was taking it. I don't know what I will do when I am out of this as I will either have to let my doctor know, "she is a real sweetie" and she may give it to me, or else I will choose not to tell her and just suffer. So sorry you are in as much pain as me. I have always been such an up person without any medical problems. I really hate that I have this condition.


Stacey373 - June 20

Hi Snowflurree -

I just wanted to tell you that my doctor has given me methadone. At first I was very against it "only heroin addicts use methadone!" But I talked to people about it and they all told me that methadone is now being prescribed for alot of health problems, especially arthritis type problems.

I ended up filling the prescription and took it for a week, but it never did help me much at all. But I wanted to tell you that your doctor "may" be more willing to give this to you than you think. So what the heck, right? It's always worth a try!
Stacey :o)



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