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Anyone ever taken Acidophilius
3 Replies
bmcgovern - December 12

I have just started taking this medicine its a natural herb medication. It helps the digestive system and balances out the acidity in the body. So far it's kinda kept my stomach from not hurting so bad and i haven't really felt to acidic which is nice. Has anyone else taken this and if so what results came from it?


bwelladjusted - December 12

Absolutely! My family has taken acidophilus for many years. It isn't an herbal supplement at all, but live bacteria. Which sounds gross, but is actually necessary for your body. It's the 'good bacteria' naturally found in your intestinal tract. Antibiotics, poor diet, medicines, illness...lots of different things through life can destroy these beneficial bacteria, resulting in serious stomach complaints and illness. These good bacteria in your gut actually cover your intestinal lining to prevent bad bacteria from attaching and making you sick. When you've seen commercials for yogurt, especially Activia, talking about the benefits of 'live cultures', this is what they mean. Acidophilus is just one of several strains of good bacteria, collectively known as Probiotics. It is usually highly recommended that you take Probiotics if you've ever been on a round of antibiotics, as antibiotics kill all bacteria, both good and bad. If the intestinal tract becomes stripped of good bacteria, it can make you very sick. You'll also often hear people recommend that you take a Probiotic if you travel to another country, because it lessens your chances of picking up a stomach bug. But beyond all that, more and more research has been done encouraging people to take probiotics on a daily basis. They protect against stomach ailments, significantly improve your immune system, and more. I would highly recommend that you try to find Probiotic capsules that contain more than just Acidophilus, such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. Each of these are supposed to be in your intestinal tract, and work together to protect it and keep it in balance. A good Probiotic can be somewhat expensive, but it's absolutely worth it.
As a side note, many people try to just eat yogurt to get these Probiotics. If you can stomach plain, unsweetened yogurt, this isn't such a bad option (although you would have to eat a TON of yogurt to get the amount of probiotic that you could get in a few capsules). But if you're anything like me, and cannot stomach the sour taste of plain yogurt, I wouldn't recommend eating it much at all. One of those little cups of Yoplait has as much sugar in it as a candy bar, and too much sugar actually destroys the good bacteria in your intestinal tract.
Good luck! Hope this helps you!


bmcgovern - December 12

It's not only Acidophilius it has Bifidobacteria, Lactobacillus It's a liquid form no dairy in it. I can not have any dairy i am lactose intolerant. I have a horrible stomach problems it has helped them a bit my dad also takes it to he has FMS to. Thanks for sharing with me about your experiences with it.


Fantod - December 14

I agree with bwelladjusted, you should be taking a high quality probitotic. I specifically say high quality because, like everything else, not all probiotics are created equal. You want to find one that has a protective coating that does NOT dissolve until it reaches the intestinal tract. That way, you'll get the full benefit and won't lose effectiveness due to stomach acid. I use "Ther-Biotic Complete" made by Klaire Labs. It has an enormous amount of bacteria - 25+ billion.

You should watch what you are doing with acidophilus as it can cause stomach upset if it is not used correctly.

Again, I would like to recommend that you purchase a copy of "Digestive Wellness" by Elizabeth Lipski. It has plenty of sensible information that is easily understood. For a twenty dollar investment (less with a coupon..) it is well worth the money. She addressed excess stomach acid and many other isssues. Recommendations for holistic and conventional medicine are also included. I hope that this is helpful to you. Take care.



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