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Anyone else sick?
8 Replies
BRENDA - January 6

I have had a week long illness!!! The symptoms are different everyday??? I had sweating, bladder pain, body aches, loose BM, nausea, headaches..... etc,etc!! Is this some kind of flu? Has anyone had such a thing? How long will it last? I have missed a week of work, & I STILL don't feel good!!! I think I going to DIE, LOL !!! I hope someone out there knows SOMETHING???


JJ1 - January 7

I have felt lousy the past week, too, starting with the horrible back pain on the 2nd. The back is better but I have suffered from flu-like feeling, achy all over, and irritable bowel problems. I think it is a delayed reaction from the stress of the holidays.


yannie - January 7

I agree with post holiday stress...extra work at school and trying to do the extra baking, gifts, social committments put me into a major flare-up...changes daily and sometimes hourly! Wish that I could have only one symptom and work thru it but my fibro likes to travel and hit my system in a variety of ways...I suggest extra rest, de-stress, try for exercise despite the symptoms, if only a short walk. The holiday treats threw me off so I am back on no sugar, lots of veggies and natural foods...people have different triggers- hope you feel better soon - I can relate to worry about missed days at work.


Jeannie3 - January 7

HI I hope you're feeling a bit better today.
I agree with JJ1 and yannie about rest and destressing. Today being Sunday hope you make the most of it. LOL Jeannie3


jhummel03 - January 9

I'm sorry you're ill, Brenda. I, too, destress in a similar way. My body aches like the flu & I have IBS issues. It takes me a couple of weeks to get over it. I hope that you're well soon.


JJ1 - January 10

I think I am about ready to put this New Years Flare up behind me! My back pain has almost subsided. My bowel is not so irritable. Just a lot of fatigue. I took it easy over the weekend. I am a Florida Gator so last night was a bit of excitement, but I seem none the worse for wear. My hubby and i are going on a cruise a week from Sat. to celebrate our 25th anniversary (which was actually Jan.2) so I am looking forward to some major destressing on that trip.


BRENDA - January 10

I too am MUCH better!! I'm still a little weak & tired but definatly much improved! I even went back to work yesterday. Thanks to everyone for their encouraging words!


JJ1 - January 15

Glad you are doing better, too, Brenda. I am starting to get a little IBS again. I think I am getting a little stressed about getting ready for my cruise this Sat. At least I will be able to relax once we get on board!


Iinda - January 15

Well thank heavens "BRENDA" is feeling better! If only the rest of us could feel better after what she's done.



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