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Anyone Else Jumpy?
21 Replies
Canada17 - November 17

I've always been jumpy but it seems to be getting worse. I scare so easy you don't even have to try to scare me! Like when I am making toast, I know it's coming and I jump a foot in the air every time! It's like when your doctor tests your reflexes.

I also get crazy adrenaline rushes when it happens, and I have to take some long deep breaths to come off it. The worst is when I am driving, there are some crazy drivers out there and the close calls get my heart POUNDING!

I'm not on any prescription meds that would cause this, and like I said, I've always been jumpy. I warn people not to scare me because I tend to swing. lol

Going back to the reflex tests, my doctor said I have have I have a bigger reflex than normal people (I can't remember the term she used).


Noca - November 17

I am jumpy while on high doses of Adderall or Ritalin.


Canada17 - November 17

Nope, no prescriptions except for Naproxen and I've been jumpy far longer than I've been using Naproxen. I use marijuana but if anything that helps my jumpiness.


axxie - November 17

Having fibromyalgia we have magnified pain, therefore amplification of our reflexes.


SarahHurts - November 17

I get frights very easily - People laugh at me when this happens. Small things, not toast but yes small things.


luvzminis - November 17

You sound a lot like me!
My neurologist said I have reflexes that are too "sloppy." I jump a mile if I'm next to the phone and it rings, or hear any loud noise, and yes, it's gotten worse the past few years. This happens even if I'm not taking any medication.


bmcgovern - November 18

I am very jumpy to. Toast has scared me to lol. Sometimes at my moms house i would go to the restroom and when i was done and came out my brother would just be walking down the hall and i would jump so high. Sometimes while sitting next to my brother he will just make like a loud sound at me and i just i know pathetic but i can't help it i always tell my husband not to scare me and he will go around the corner of the wall and jump out. It's sometimes funny but at the same time i hate it.


axxie - November 18

Come to think of it, loud voices, the phone ringer if it's too loud, I will jump. If I go into a shopping mall and the store is playing blaring music, I walk around with earplugs and stay away from the pounding, because it gives me anxiety.


SarahHurts - November 18

Yes! Sometimes, especially if i am tired and my neck is misbehaving, i can get axiety from people talking. Like, if they are explaining something and just keep talking, i can start to feel very anxious and just want them to stop.

It's horrible.


belle1329 - November 18

I am very jumpy also, and I dont know if its because of my hearing (Should have it checked) but I cant hear people when there is background noise. Like at work I sit next to the server computer and if the door is open I can never hear the person behind me when they talk to me


Fantod - November 19

Yes, some days I want to crawl out of my skin. I get jumpy over stupid little things. It seems to come and go.


SarahHurts - November 19

I find it so hard to hear anyone with background noise!

Horrible if you want to go out at night - Even if you are just with friends in a group, so hard to hear their conversation so i normally just talk to the people next to me - even then it can be hard


Canada17 - November 19

I have a hard time hearing people when there is a lot of other noise too. I thought that was just me but the more research I do the more I realize that the problems with my ears are directly linked to my FM. I'm constantly asking people to repeat themselves. And I don't know if it's connected by I have a REALLY hard time with accents!

I also get ringing in my ears all the time! And sometimes they are soooo itchy!!!


michelle J - November 21

I jump ALOT too LOL my family makes fun of me because everything makes me jump, toast , people walking by or even if I step on a small object, I jump REALLY bad when I'm falling asleep at night and scare the hell out of my poor husband falling asleep next to me , alot of things make my heart race easy and send me into anxiety attacks if Iam in a store and it is crowed or some rude person gets me upset or alot of peolpe are there I need to find and drink a coke a cola it seems to help me alot if I dont get this I start to black out .You know it is'nt funny but toread how a piece of toast can do that you have to laugh especially when you can totally relate to it and see yourself LOL it is taking me forever to type this writing and typing are my other down falls .I think with all of the flaws with this horriable illness I have been finding / making ways to try and get some humor . I have always love to be the fun person and to laugh at what ever can upset me and alot of the times it reaaly helps. Laughter is the best medicine and if you have it in you let yourself keep that don't let the fibro take it away


lorieholtz - November 24

when it comes to the reflexes.. its called hyperflexia. i've been dx with this and this also tell the dr that your not faking the pain you are going thru as well


Canada17 - November 24

Hyperflexia, my doctor didn't give it a name, but I have that. She laughed at me, in a kind way, when she was testing my reflexes. She also said I have hyper-mobile joints, which causes a lot of my joint pain.

She said I am lucky that I put on weight when I was pregnant because the extra bit of weight I'm carrying creates resistance on my joints which makes them less mobile thus reducing my pain a bit. Still won't prevent me from losing the extra weight though...I'm in pain anyway.


swttee4u - November 24

boy do i know the feeling. i thought it was just me. i'm so glad to know that i'm not the only one with these feelings. my daughter loves to scare me cause she knows i'm going to jumpy. she can be right in front of me. i'm just scared i might hit her. my reflexes are crazy. the telephone ringing the alarm and my doorbell. even though i know it's going to happen it still scares me!



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