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Anyone else have giant hive welts
2 Replies
fishingflorist - October 26

Ok I see almost ever sympton I have, IBS, cronic fatigue, on sleep, migraines, fibro fog, restless leg, pain in any and ever palce on the body(bone to skin), but does anyone else deal with hives daily. Then when I flair giant welts plus what I call ring worm hives in which ever area that hurts the worst? This is driving me nuts! I get thru the worst of the pain as it roams all over my body for nights on end with no sleep to finally get some sleep to be woken up itching from head to toe. When I break down and go see a Doctor I tell them that the hives are secondary to the pain, so what do they do? Try to treat the hives that are caused by the pain! Hello, stop the pain and they go away! I am on everything I'm suppose to be on, including percocet,but sometimes I need more any have any suggestions?
Going insane here!


Fantod - October 26

Hives that occur at least twice a week and have been present for more than 6 weeks are designated chronic. Unlike acute hives, chronic hives do not resolve quickly. In one study, 75% of people with chronic hives have symptoms for longer than 1 year, 50% have symptoms for longer than 5 years, and 20% have symptoms for decades. In 50% of the cases, the offending agent is not identified.

Diagnosing chronic hives is more involved than diagnosing acute hives. A very detailed history is taken to determine the exact appearance and duration of the hives. A food diary should be kept, and all medications documented. The time course of the hives should also be covered. For example, do the symptoms persist when not at work or while on vacation at a different location? Some chronic hives are caused by infections that were not realized, especially sinus infections. Chronic hives are also associated with thyroid disease - hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. An infection with the yeast, Candida albicans, is also associated with chronic hives. All of these conditions should be ruled out. Skin testing is of variable benefit since people with hives tend to react positively to most agents tested for.

Have you seen an allergist, or a dermatologist? Have you considered seeing a holistic doctor to see if they have any brillant ideas? I had a case of hives once that covered me from head to toe for a day. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I can not imagine dealing with that regularly. Take care and good luck.


toots2889 - October 27

Im so sorry to hear about your missery! I kinda know what your going thru. Its been 2yrs. now but, i had them real bad to for no real reason. I had hives broken out all over my body, and yes it was hell!!! I had them for over 3 months and they had no idea why. I feel for you, and wish you all the luck in the world in getting rid of them. Good luck and know i will be thinking of you.



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