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Anyone considered mold as cause of fibro symptoms?
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January - March 14

Hi all -- I have been gone for a while. Just over-busy with things and also feeling really, really fatigued. A friend of mine found a mold problem in her house a while ago -- so I just started to read about that. There's a lot of conflicting information online, but I wanted to introduce this idea to the forum and see if anyone has had experience with mold problems. Think back and see if your fibro could be connected to mold.

My house had some water leaks, and other issues that make me think mold might be an explanation for my symptoms. I knew mold could cause "allergic" type (respiratory) symptoms, but I did not know it could cause (this will sound familiar!) chronic fatigue, memory loss, depression, anxiety, stomach pains, GI upset, skin rashes, headaches, lowered immune system, and even affect your heart and liver, in fact any system in your body! I don't know if that's all true, but I read it on one site.

I found a very informative "mold blog" - people who have been through the problem (of course, it's rarely picked up by doctors). Reading their stories was more educational than reading the information sites put up by people who are selling remediation services. Someone mentioned getting her blood tested, after multiple medical problems - and they found high levels of fungal infection. (Of course the treatments for systemic fungal infections are pretty nasty in themselves!)

You can google for more information. Apparently, there's a difference between "Toxic" mold, regular mold (not a big problem for people without allergies), and mildew. Mold is everywhere. It comes in on our clothes, shoes, pets, and on the air. I'm sure we all have it to some degree in our homes. It's also in our food supply. Maybe we fibro people are more sensitive to it?

I got wondering about mold and a possible relation to food allergies, as a lot of foods are prepared using mold (e.g., blue cheese) or some kind of fermentation process. (And I am much better when I stay away from cereal grains, or gluten.) Our food (fresh and processed) is often contaminated with small amounts of mold. Certainly, I find it in fresh produce I buy at the store. It's all over things like avocado, raspberries and cantaloupe. I've read that a certain low level of mold is acceptable in processed food. I don't know enough about this issue yet. But I have been feeling really badly since I went to dinner with friends and got a dish that turned out to have hidden blue cheese in it. It tasted awful - but I ate enough to make myself sick, I think.

This connection is a new idea for me. Anybody else have any experience with fibro symptoms and mold? I tested positive for mold allergies decades ago. In fact, I was exposed to a big dose of allergens in an accident, and had a severe reaction. It seems like my really bad fibro symptoms kicked in a couple years after that.

Hope you are all doing well. Any input is appreciated! : )



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