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13 Replies
jlh - May 4

My name is Jenny I am a 49 yr old mum of three. I too have fibromyagia which is slowly taking over and destroying the quality of my life. I have just discovered this site and have found satisfaction in reading other peoples comments. At least this makes me realise i am not the only one who feels like I do. I would really like a comment back to reassure me that I am not typing into an unsed site and that hope is here.


Fantod - May 4

Hullo Jerry - Welcome to this general discussion group. I'm glad you have taken the time to look through all of the comments. There is a lot of good information here. Best of luck I'm glad you found this board.


jlh - May 4

Hey ....someone replied...awsome!!
Thanks Fantod! At the moment I am on a positive thinking get healthy mode so hopefully will pick up heaps of tips along the way. Herbalist has got me on heaps of new formulas so will let everyone know if they work.Cheers.


Theadora - May 5

hello Jenny, if you are on positive thinking mode and really want to help yourself please read book called Pain Free For Life by Dr Scott Brady. I am now fibro free thanks to his program. Also see post by Lori here about other books that tell the truth about this syndrome! many people here will tell you its not possible but that is bullcrap! you can recover and get better! Good luck and God Bless!!!


jlh - May 5

Hi Theadora, thanks for the advice . I will resource the book straight away. I believe I will recover and I intend to find a way to do it. .....Its funny though isnt it that u can only really believe and be positive when u are having a good day............then a bad one comes along and crushes your dreams.............did u find that?????


jlh - May 5

MMMMMMMMMM!!! been researching the book u mentioned. UGH!!! another set back . Ilive in Australia and the book only available in the States. I will continue looking though ...any other suggestions???


Iinda - May 5

Freedom From Fibromyalgia (Dr Nancy Selfridge) is also VERY good Jenny. Lori wrote a post about that one too. It has been around for a while and you should be able to get it where you live. You may also try books by a Dr Sarno. I am reading both and noticing significant changes in my condition. A willing and hopeful spirit goes a long way dear. Very best wishes to you.


dwilmoth - May 7

You are not alone!! It is sooo hard when those around you are totally clueless and you feel like you are losing it. I think the worst part is the "fibro-fog". I can smile and hide my pain but I can't hide that I am an idiot. Keep your chin-up. From what I understand with positive attitude, diet, water exercise, and proper sleep we can put our FMS down as a sleeping giant. A big support for me is I have a neighbor who has had it for 25 years and tried everything, even changed her mercury filings. I will pray for you Jenny. I'm glad you found us.


JJ1 - May 8

You can probably order the books you want over the internet (they are available in U.S. through so check with them). I have been feeling a lot better lately -- it could be just coincidence or could be a result in a change in my dietary habits. Nothing dramatic, just eating like I should, adding fruits or veggies to every meal, eliminating trans-fats, and taking a vitamin and a fish oil pill (for omega-3 fatty acids) each day. My fibrofog has been my most debilitating symptom and it has lifted some over the last few weeks. Good luck to you.


Eckles - May 9

Hi Jenny, would you say that the "fog" is the worst part? Mine kicks in at work...real helpful! The pain I've had for nearly 20 years so if its not there I feel something is not right! I'm a Mum of two and 47yo! Luckily my family is older and a bit more "independant" sort of...!?!?!


marydema - May 19

hi jenny! thanks for commenting me. I would love to talk more. do you have yahoo messenger? my adress is [email protected] hope to talk to you soon! I'm glad I found this site! I need help!


BrandyO - May 19

Hi Jenny... welcome... I have had Fibro for over 40 years. During that time it has waxed and waned. At 53 I am probably now at my worst. I try to keep positive but it can be a struggle. All I can say is hang in there and try to rest when you need to but make sure you also keep moving. Take care, Brandy


jlh - May 25

Hi Brando thanks for comment . Yep i keep moving whichis good. Would love to talk more. My email is [email protected]


larry - May 26

Jlh, sorry to see that you are so sick. I suggest reading ths website page in full and try to find a doctor in your area that address your fibro by addressing the complexies listed here at this site... the clinical info page is the best.........http://fibroa
I have been following ths protocal and am doing so much better..



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