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Anybody else read
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TJS - November 26

I have just read a book called the war within by Ph.D. Floyd Chilton, he has done over twenty years of reshearch on inflammatory desease. It is very enlightening that our society is eating itself to death.
No where in the book does he mention Fibro. but it is definitley being treated as an inflammatory desease,by my doctor anyway he has developed a diet toexclude inflammatory foods that actualy cause our bodies to over produce these agents in our bodies and then they feed on themselves... hope some one else can find this book helpful thanks.


barbara s. - November 26

TJS, I put myself on this type of diet about 2 months ago. There is plenty of info on the web (search anti inflammatory diet). I gave up all the "white" foods, and eat lean protein, whole grain foods, brown rice, fruits, veggies, olive oil etc. (I don't eat dairy). I think it has helped, although my understanding of fibro is that it is NOT an inflammatory disease (someone correct me if I am wrong). I am a sugar-holic, and do sometimes still eat a treat, but I used to just CRAVE bad carbs. Now I just like the taste of them, but the craving is gone. When buying carbs, look for "whole grain" on the label, not just "wheat". There's a difference. It's a little hard at first, but give it a try for 2 weeks or so. Eating healthy sure can't hurt, and it is something we can do for ourselves. If anyone wants any other tips, I'll try to help out.


AmberRose - November 26

i have tried to go and eat healthy so many times and i did it for one whole year ...untill i found i had hypothyrodism...i was going to the gym a nd doign a light circut workout and i honestly did not see a change...unless its supposed to take more than a year to notice.....but i didnt even lose 1 single pound and i went allmsot everyday i seriously stopped drinking coffee pop chips (which were totally my vice) chocolate you name it, if it wasnt fruits veggies or something healthy i didnt eat it and nothing happened, and it didnt help i guess either when the gym shut down i lost my motivation......i suppose one day i will get into it agian but i dont eat lots of junk now i jsut care less if i do ......i dunno maybe after awhile my thyroid pills i wlll kick in and i will be able to start again..the goal for me was to lose weight which seems totally impossible to me right now. soemtimes i feel like it dosnt matter what i do i cant be healthy its so frustrating specially when i have tried for so long and saw no results.


CarrieLee - December 13




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