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Any thoughts on Naproxen?
10 Replies
iliveinpain - March 11

Yesterday my doc put me on 500 mg. twice daily. Has this worked for anyone? I worry about bad side effects when starting a new medication, cause I'll usually get them. How about weight gain? Thanks.


Noca - March 11

Naproxen(Aleeve) is an NSAID just like ibuprofen or Celebrex. It treats inflammation. I've never heard of any weight gain with the drug. It can cause stomach upset/heartburn so take it with food.

Personally I just use it for headaches. Doesn't do much else, maybe you'll have better luck.


tnichel - March 11

I was on it for a year until they warning came out. I can't remember exactly the cause. Something about it eating away the lining of your stomach, I think. But it worked well for my knee pain.


Canada17 - March 11

I was taking Naproxen twice daily for a while but it is rather ineffective for pain management. I take it for muscle spasms. It doesn't work to relieve my headaches, rather it releases the tension in my neck and shoulders which in effect lessens the headaches. Because of the problems it can cause with your stomach after prolonged use, I only use it when I REALLY need it.

It is supposed to last 12 hours, it lasts about 4 for me, 6 if I'm lucky. I told this to my doctor and he gave me Naprelan (extended release version of Naproxen). I had a severe allergic reaction within 30 minutes of taking it. I went straight to my doctor who said I was presenting like I had a bad infection and cautioned that if I developed even a slight fever to go straight to the emergency room with the medication in hand. Luckily I didn't develop one.

My physiatrist recommended that I take Aleve instead of Naproxen as it is apparently more gentle on the stomach and doesn't require a prescription.


ptalana - March 12

I unfortunately had a very severe reaction to naproxen. After only two doses I experienced extreme gastric issues with bleeding. But as we all know that we all react differently to meds. I hope you have success with it.
Take care, Patty


solanadelfina - March 12

My first doc had me use this in conjunction with ibuprofen after my diagnosis, but the tramadol has been far more effective. I did take it with lunch and don't remember any side effects, nor any weight gain.


mdevore3 - March 13

I took it but didn't get much relief. I think I have been on just about every NSAID out there.

My doctor just changed me to another called Nabumetone 750mg 2/day and I'm also on Tramadol HCL 50mg 1/6hours as needed and Gabapentin 300mg 3/day. I'm using Gabapentin for relief from the burning sensation I get instead of Lyrica which is a little to expensive for me.

Sometimes I feel like my whole life revolves around the pills.


firomama - March 14

unfortunatly for me it does about as well as water for treating any pain/inflammation i have. but i could be different for you. im a medical anomally in the fact that i have extremely high tolerances to drugs naturely. so proper doseaging can be tricky and dangerous, and luckily i very rarely have any bad side effects from meds. hope it works!


lovetaurus61 - March 16

I usually take it for headaches or other body aches. I have no problems with the med. '
Good Luck


ptalana - March 17

Hi lovetaurus61, just had to comment about your forum title. I'm a Taurus also and born in 1961, what a coincidence ;)
Take care, Patty


axxie - March 22

Aleve or naproxen or Celebrex same thing, can't touch the stuff severe allergic reaction, sent me to the hospital.

My sister on the other hand who has arthritis uses Celebrex and naproxen and it helps her..... go figure....

Aleve, naproxen or Celebrex are no good for headaches, as for weight gain not that I have heard these are all for inflammation so no, no weight gain, in fact it should help you not feel bloated.



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