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Any specific diet for all fibromyalgia?
2 Replies
henryalcat - February 3

What is the healthy diet for the people suffering from fibromyalgia symptoms??


January - February 5

We are all different. Some of us have allergies to different things. For me, I got a lot of pain relief from going gluten free. I had to follow the diet strictly for about a year. One hot dog, and I had to wait about 3-4 months for the pain to stop again. The pain that was relieved was the flu-like overall body aches that I had every morning. That is completely gone now. I still have pain, but I think it is from some old back injuries. And I think we are more sensitive to pain than "normals." Some research has shown that fibromyalgia people have more of something called Substance P that causes us to feel pain more acutely.

See if you can find someone who will test you for food allergies. Even so, the tests are not always accurate. The only way you know is to follow the diet.

You can do a search for celiac disease. It is an auto-immune disease of the small intestine, which prevents you from absorbing nutrients properly. This leads to all kinds of problems later in life. Doctors often think you have to have GI symptoms to have celiac - but that is wrong. You can have any number of symptoms (including severe pain) because of the nutrients you cannot get from the food you're eating. Your blood tests might show inflammatory markers like high C-reactive protein or homocysteine. I don't know if this is specifically related to celiac - though celiac is an inflammation of the small intestine. Went I went gluten free, my blood tests all went back to normal.

Also, in general, you might want to read about the value of an alkalinizing diet. You can google for information on that. Good luck with it.


kvc33 - February 6

Pretty much the same that is healthy for everyone. Avoid alcohol, sugar, caffeine and processed foods. Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and veggies. Most of us have food allergies and gluten (wheat) seems to be one of the most common. Some fibro people will get IBS symptoms from fructose which is the natural sugar found in fruit. Get tested for food allergies and then keep a diary of your symptoms to see if it is accurate or not. In general, it takes much longer on a new diet for a person with fibro to see a difference than it does in the general community. It took me seven months of avoiding my allergy foods to see a improvement in my Restless Leg Syndrome.



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