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Any Massage Experience?
7 Replies
brooksidefarm - September 22

Has anyone had positive results from massage? What kind and how often? I have general pain all over with it the most severe in the shoulders, arms and calves. My feet and hand fight numbness as well. Thanks.


axxie - September 22

I have massage about once a month, otherwise I cannot afford it. I go either to my physiotherapy or chiropractor office, or the university sports medicine. Sometimes I am able to have a deep tissue massage most times it's just an easy massage, that one relaxes you, as for the deep tissue massage is more like pain, but the benefits outweigh the pain. Do they last, yes and no, it really depends how you feel the day you go, I feel good and it usually last a good 4 to 5 days. If I'm down then it's a waste of money for me and would rather go for accupuncture.


pfiinch - September 22

Just had one last week.Felt wonderful for a few days.Gonna try and go at least 2xs month.Just have them do a light massage and no (deep tissue massage) you will hurt for days because it moves around all the toxins in your body. Good luck and God Bless.


solanadelfina - September 23

I had the back treatment at an Aveda up here, and it was really nice. The student was a little nervous about the fibro, but I explained what it was and asked her to go easy. I also ask my mom to use a rubber-tipped massager on my back at times. Massage really helps loosen the knots in my upper back and shoulders, you can get aromatherapy benefits from essential oils, and touch itself can be healing. Gentle massages on the hand can feel really good, too. Just be certain to use good communication about what you need and when to back off on a certain area.


Sonja44 - October 5

Therapeutic Massage keeps me functional during flares...or I think my arms would be like granite.

Make sure the Massage Therapist knows about Fibro...some don't know or don't believe in Fibro and will end up hurting you.

Good luck.


K2009 - October 16

I have finally found RELIEF - a month ago upon the recommendation of a friend, I went to a Licensed Neuromuscular Massage Therapist for body work and for deep ultrasound on my tissue and trigger points. My neck pain, lower back pain, headaches and Costo, have been relieved by about 75%. I intend on going every couple of weeks. He has absolutely made a HUGE difference in my life. I won't take Savella or any of the other drugs because of the side effects. If I can continue to feel this good, I will be so relieved. Living with this on a daily basis can be so depressing and exhausting. I would recommend that anyone try this route and see how it works for you. If you live in AZ where I do, the therapist that I see is Remi Broda and his phone number is 480.538.8558. Good luck and God Bless!


learnFMnow - October 16

I believe massage is one of the very most effective relief methods for fibro patients. I get one when I can afford it. If I had one three times a week I believe my symptoms would be better controlled. It does hurt sometimes, I tell her to let up some and she will. She is realy good. But afterward, it seems that is the only time I am pain free for a bit when all those muscle knots are manipulated.


brooksidefarm - October 16

Thank you everyone! All your comments are appreciated. I think I will research my area and give it a try.



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