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any ideas to fight fatigue?
7 Replies
yannie - October 3

I am 60 years old and love mydaycare fulltime job of caring for 14 -2 yr olds - retiring not an option until I am eligible for medicare.My pain level is tolerable ..on a sugar free high protein balanced diet and take a vitamin B-complex supplement. I get a good nite's sleep from a med but the brain fog gets so bad from my fatigue and i worry about making mistakes at work.i need to keep my "battery"charged !Hoping someone knows of some energy boosters that could help!


TERESA - October 3

Yannie, the most comman answer to your question is exersize, but I would think you would get plenty of that chasing two year olds LOL :) ! I use caffine! I take so many med that causes drowsiness, that that is the only thing I have found that helps!! I would be interested in any other suggestions too.


JJ1 - October 3

I have horrible fibrofog, too. I was helped a little by taking Elavil - it is not a sleep med it is prescribed to FMS patients to help your body get into a deep restful sleep. It has mostly helped minimize my pain, and it has lessened the fibrofog a bit.


Virg - October 3

Hi Yannie....You are amazing. The only thing I could think of is how much you exert yourself before and after the day care day. I am assuming its 8 hour. I could funtion well going strong for 8 hours but then its lie down for how much I need to and not have any necessary job take over. I also take a pill
for deeper sleep and it's effective when I
need it most. Maybe the diet coke I drink
keeps me charged I don't know. All the best.


maleighamylove - October 6

Yannie, I take provigil a medicine with surprisingly no side effects per se. It is given to MS patients mostly, but my doc prescribed it I take two a day and it helps the fatigue tremendously, and gives you energy.
I have several people with fibro about it that come into work, now they are all on it, and can't say enough about it.
Hope this helps


TERESA - October 6

Maleighamylove, do you have problems getting to work on time? I wrote about this in the " I need help" post. Does the Provigil help? What is it exactly? do you need a script for it?


maleighamylove - October 6

Teresa I answered your I need help post, but not about the provigil.
Yes you do need a script for it. I do have trouble getting to work on time, but it is from the pain mostly, the provigil is wonderful for the fatigue, ask your docs for it.


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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