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Any dancers living with Fibro???
5 Replies
ShesRestored - April 26

I just wanted to see if there was anyone out there who can give me some insight on trying to dance with this condition. Over the past two years I have had major trouble and even flare-ups after activity. I have pretty much given rest to the idea of being a dancer altogether but is choreography still an option...



maryel - April 27

I danced for the first 5 of my 10 years of Fibro. Line dancing at that. Slower and slower over a couple years and then very little and now none at all. It's the loss of balance that makes it time to stop. Mary


solanadelfina - April 27

I stopped while trying to figure everything out, but am trying to get my strength back up for it again and keeping that dizziness under control. I study bellydance. Pilates and yoga have been helpful to keep the flexibility and strength and I have to work on the cardio yet, but am hoping to take my first post-diagnosis fan workshop next month. Which style do you study?


ShesRestored - April 27

Maryel and Solanadelfina:

Thanks for your replies! It is a comfort to know that there are others out there!
I focused most of my attention on Contemporary/Modern but had extensive training in Ballet/Jazz/Modern and taught almost as long as I danced. Always had endurance problems and at the time didn't know why. Injuries took exceptionally long to recover from. I left it in 2001 and tried again (post-mommyhood) in 2007 and was much worse. I tried again just two weeks ago and it sent me in a terrible flare-up (one similar to the one that shut the door in 2007). I had a 45 min workout. I had the nerve to try turns. Needless to say my neck is exceptionally paying the price. I suppose going back to it just depends on an individual basis. I am definitely re-evaluating my approach if even at all. I guess I haven't quite let it go yet.
Thanks for sharing- it helps!



dsterne - May 23

I was doing a lot of yoga, pilates and belly dance for a while. I was feeling better, better than ever really, but now that i haven't danced or done much exercise in over a month due to my work schedule my fibro is getting bad again.


solanadelfina - May 23

Yay, another belly dancer! Do you study any particular style, like tribal vs. Egyptian, or anything goes? That fan workshop a few weeks ago, my first class since my diagnosis, went awesomely and I can't wait to dive back into regular classes.



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