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Any breastfeeding Mom's out there???
3 Replies
dolphin22 - March 22

I have a 4 month old daughter she is my baby #3, and I have been breastfeeding since she was born. I was diagnosed with fibro between my second and third pregnancy. I never had any problems breastfeeding my other 2 children. This time, I am trying so hard to keep up with it, but it is not working out. I am having trouble with the let-down reflex taking forever to happen, and the baby gets very frusterated. Also, I don't seem to have enough milk to satisfy her.

I would love to hear from anyone who may have experienced the same issues, or anyone who may have any suggestions.



firomama - March 25

Gosh, i really want to give you a reply of hope...but i cant. i just had ethan in dec 2010. hes 3 mos old now. i tried to BF him bc id done it w/ my other 2 and had good experiences. i really wanted that bonding feeling again. didnt happen. my supply and let down werent a problem but i couldnt keep up. i was so tired and i hurt.. plus all the meds i was on (vicodin specifically) which had been approved, i think it was upseting his tummy. not sure, we know now that he has acid reflux. either way, by week 3, i put him on formula, grieved and never looked back. for us, it was the right decision. i have no regrets. of course i wish i could have successfully bf him but i think i made the right choice.
now, i will add that even if your struggling, mad props for hanging in there this long! it must be hard but your doing great despite the problems. i couldnt even hang on for 1 month. and at the time i could feed him and then pump 7ozs between both breasts. i did try to pump, but w/ 2 older kids and schedules, it wasnt practicle. so....sorry i have no great words of wisdom, just that i know its hard and you need to do what feels right for you and bb but your doing a good job for hanging in there. please dont forget that! Good luck!!


lucky13 - March 25

I have no experance breast feeding, all of mine have been bottle fed. This probably isn't related to fibro so I'd suggest going to someplace like babyfit and asking in a forum there to get some ideas and help. It's a good website and most everyone there is helpful.
Goodluck, and if you go to babyfit, my username there is kymomofmany and I started a fibro mommy team there, but there's not a lot of members.


dolphin22 - April 14

Thank you for your replys. I appreciate the advice. I'm still hanging in there, but I've settled on giving her 2 breastfeedings per day and the rest are bottles. It's working OK like this. Thanks again!!



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